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2017 Bedroom Designs For The Modern Dweller

2017 Bedroom Designs For The Modern Dweller

Aren’t you glad 2016 is finally over? A lot of people are making a major fuss about it, given the many social and political happenings that no one saw coming. Now, we all need to start over on a positive note. This 2017, begin with making changes on the things that you see every day and therefore affects the way you go about your day—your bedroom.

Your bedroom is your own personal space, your private sanctuary. Its design is one of the few things you can have control over. Bedroom trends for 2017 are worth looking into if you want a fresh start. Waking up to a bedroom that spells out an order, positivity, and new beginnings is always a good start to a new day.

But don’t worry, the interior design trends for a bedroom makeover will not require you to smash things with a wrecking ball.And it won’t break the bank. You don’t need to re-do and remodel everything, just a few enhancements here and there are all it will take.

Personality-based colors

Let’s start with the most visible one—color.

According to Elle Décor Assistant Editor Devin Alessio, sophisticated hues will take center stage with regard to the 2017 trends for bedroom designs. She said colors are likely to be based on personalities—confident, composed, and comfortable.

The Confident Palette includes dusky blue, spicy red, and lime green. Much like confident individuals, these colors attract attention and have no intention of hushing things down. The Composed Palette includes earth colors such as greens, browns, and grays for a more traditional yet contemporary look. They show richness in color but maintains a sense of calm. Lastly, the Comfortable Palette focuses on pale pastels such as light pinks and yellows. These tamed pops of color are a good first step towards taking big risks with color.

The question now is: who are you? Which palette defines you?

Luxury headboards

One of the easiest ways to update your bedroom is by upholstering your bed’s headboard. Timber bed frames may have dominated the market in 2016 for their practicality and affordability, but for this year, upholstered bedheads is a trend.

Emma Blomfield, stylist at online retailer said the bedhead trend will be making its way to bedrooms of ordinary folks from being staples in luxury hotels and celebrity homes. Whether you go for a classic headboard with buttons or a plush one in velvet, Blomfield notes that upholstered bedheads never fail to improve the overall look of a regular bedroom.

For a complete luxurious experience, partner the bedhead with a comfortable bed foam such as a memory foam bed that caters to your unique needs.

Murals on the wall

Wallpapers are making a comeback, but in a very chic and bold way.

Interior designer Marie Flanigan said wall coverings are going to be fashionable again. Wallpapers that look more like a mural or a piece of art rather than just a mass manufactured covering are all over Instagram. They show artistry, individuality, and boldness. While clean geometric lines will still be popular, full-blown art on the wall is also going to be a contemporary favorite in bedroom designs.

Jewel and metal tones

Mixed metals are still going to be relevant, according to Flanigan. She said polished nickel, brass, gold and the new metal finish—white plaster—are going to be big in the interior design scene.

Jewel tones inspired by metals, stars, and the cosmos are seen to overtake pastel shades, said the Nathan + Jac team. They said transparent fabrics, sheers, and floaty silks that add sparkle also create a semblance of softness and romance, and therefore balance, in the design equation.

Natural motifs for sustainability

Interior design trends tend to go back to basic, which means using natural materials more. The use of wood shows simplicity and environmental sustainability. They add warmth and deliver on the comfort front too. Flooring or finishes made of natural or laminated wood will remain relevant for years to come as they add natural value to a home.

Incorporating wood and other natural elements such as brick, stone, and greens are a good way to achieve serenity and calmness in your bedroom. They feel cooler and transform your space into a more soothing environment.

Simplicity is key

One thing about bedrooms that never goes out of style is the elements of clarity and simplicity, which are what the Scandinavian design celebrates. Nordic-inspired elements, from color and material to decors and accessories, are still going to be a big hit for 2017.

Simple off-whites, warm wooden accents, and a flood of natural light will also be the go-to contemporary design trends. Apart from exuDing simple luxury, they are also practical since they require only minimal maintenance and cleaning.

Dual-purpose bedroom

Another bedroom trend that seem to be making waves in a fast-paced world is the bedroom/multipurpose space. The modern bedroom is more functional and more adaptive to the times and lifestyles of the modern dweller. Instead of being just a place to rest and sleep, the bedroom could also function as a home office or an entertainment hub, depending on the demands of the dweller.

Welcome 2017 with a bedroom makeover that is not only consistent with the trends, but also showcases your unique taste and personality. Choose a bedroom design that looks right and feels right. The design you choose should lift your spirits up for the day ahead.

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