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5 Ways to Prevent Stroke

Even if we have numerous uncontrolled factors of stroke, we shouldn’t be dismayed. Affected individuals could get proper rest, obtain good nutrition, perform exercises and perform various healthy lifestyle choices. There are various things we should do to reduce our chance of getting stroke, even if we are considered as high risk individuals. Here are things we should do:

  1. Talk with our doctor and pharmacist: We should discuss what drugs we should be using. In some cases, high risks need to consume preventive drugs to ensure that stroke won’t happen. These drugs could be intended to thin our blood and prevent the formation of clot. If possible, we should use safer alternatives, because we may need to consume the drug for the rest of our lives. We should ask others who have the same problem and ask for their opinions about the right type of drug.
  2. Stop doing negative activities: If we smoke often, we should stop doing this. If we find it hard to stop drinking alcohol, it is important to keep it under two small glasses each day. If we don’t drink alcohol and smoke, we shouldn’t start them. Quitting smoking could be among the hardest things and many people have tried to quit hundreds of times, but still fail. Some people could actually make it for 15 years, but start back up again. It’s a lot easier not to start smoking than trying to stop smoking.
  3. Start exercising: We should exercise about 30 minutes each day. Exercise is actually a rather big topic and it can’t be covered with a single entry. It is our job to perform routine exercise sessions and we should immediately apply things that we learn. This could also apply to other things, such as proper nutrition. As an example, good things that we have read in an old book in the local library should be applied immediately. We should also check various websites for proper ways to incorporate good exercise and nutritional habits, especially to prevent the onset of stroke.
  4. Eat well: People who eat well will live well. This is a common fact. However, we should be aware that “well” doesn’t mean “a lot”. We should consume a wide range of healthy foods, including a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits. Again, this is a wide-ranging topic and we should perform proper research.
  5. Rest and relax properly: People should try to enjoy life. Stress is often considered as one of the primary factors for various health issues and they may actually culminate to a major stroke attack. Despite our risk factors, we could significantly reduce possibility of having stroke. As an example, it has been said that laughter is the best medicine. This also applies to sleep. People who sleep well are likely to be healthier. High risk individuals should also consider performing various yoga and meditation sessions. It is also important to find a proper hobby that can both excite and relax us.

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