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5 Ways To Protect Your Jewelry In Winter

5 Ways To Protect Your Jewelry In Winter

The winter time brings about a plethora of important holidays that promotes the giving of jewelry. As your collection of jewelry grows during the winter, it is important to remember to maintain the integrity of your other pieces of jewelry and insure that your new jewelry will last the test time. Jewelry is an investment and should last a lifetime. Therefore, your jewelry should be treated in that manner.

The colder, harsher climate that winter brings may seriously harm your investment and destroy the quality of your precious jewelry. Read on to learn five important ways to take care and protect your favorite pieces of jewelry this winter.

Proper Fit

The changing of weather can create some pretty strange phenomenons in the human body. In fact, during colder temperatures it is not uncommon for your fingers to constrict, making the rings that you wear seem much looser than before. If your ring was already a bit loose, this might mean that your ring might be too loose and you can risk it falling off randomly.

To avoid such a tragedy, consider going to a jeweller to get your ring sized down. In order to tell if you need a resizing, simply shake your hand, and if your ring falls off your finger, or is threatening to do so, you most definitely need a resizing. If not, it is best to keep it the size it is because your fingers will be back to its normal size in warmer temperatures.

However, if you feel that your ring is still too loose this winter, even though it passes the shake test, you can also purchase ring guards to help you feel secure. Another great trick would be to wear a tighter ring higher up on your finger than your looser band to stop the other ring from possibly falling off your finger. However, it should be noted that this trick and ring guards are not a perfect substitute for rings that do not pass the shake test.

5 Ways To Protect Your Jewelry In Winter

Jewelry Boxes

For any item to be safe, it requires a distinct place of its own so you know exactly where to defend it from harm’s way. Which is why jewelry boxes are essential to keeping your precious pieces of jewelry safe from harm. Jewelry boxes come in many shapes and sizes and you most certainly can find a box big enough to fit your entire jewelry collection.

However, jewelry boxes with numerous types of jewelry can pose a safety risk to the quality of your jewelry. Jewelry with tough gemstones can easily scratch softer metals if them bump against each other. In addition, gemstones that knock against each other can easily damage each other—which is why utilizing small jewelry gift boxes to keep your jewelry safe is crucial to protecting your jewelry this winter. You can either use the boxes that you jewelry came in, or purchase them online for a more uniform look.


The winter brings about many fluffy and knit accessories that are not exactly compatible with your favorite pieces of jewelry. Rings can easily snag on sweaters and gloves, which can cause the gemstones to loosen in their settings and possibly fall out. In addition, longer earrings can easily snag on sweaters and snatch your earrings out of your lobes without you noticing, or can provide you with a powerhouse of pain and possibly irrevocably damage your earlobe.

These very same sweaters can also get caught on necklace clasps and destroy your favorite necklace. Therefore, be careful what type of clothes you wear when you decide to don your favorite pieces of jewelry this winter.


No matter the season, insurance is always a great idea when dealing with jewelry. After all, we are all human and accidents happen. Insuring your most valuable pieces of jewelry allow for you to protect your jewelry—especially on the off chance you lose or somehow destroy a piece of jewelry. Keep in mind that your jewelry is an investment, just like your house or car, and deserves the insurance to match its worth.

Activity Time

Again, this applies to any time of the year, however, it still should be noted. When taking part in any sort of vigorous or physical activity, such as working out, skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating. Gemstones can break from a particularly nasty impact and your softer metals can scratch or also break. In addition, there is the added risk of possibly losing a piece of jewelry as well. Therefore, it’s best to take all your valuable jewelry off when hitting the slopes.

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