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Health Benefits of Apples

Apples offer significant potential health benefits and many people would love enjoying freshly picked apples. It is commonly believed that eating one apple each day will keep the doctor away. It’s a memorable rhyme and based on the actual benefits of the fruits. Despite its widespread presence in Europe and North America, apple actually came from Asia. Romans were among the first Europeans to encounter apples. They received a small variety of apple that didn’t taste as good as what we have today. Through various cross pollination techniques, they were able to create larger varieties of apples with sweeter taste. At the moment, there are more than 7000 varieties of apple across the world and most of them were deliberately created by human. support you on a path to healthy living.

A medium-sized apple contains approximately 65 calories and it has small amount of iron, calcium and vitamin A, about one percent of our daily recommended intake. Vitamin C in a medium-sized apple is about 10 percent of our daily intake and it has 12 percent of the recommended daily intake of dietary fiber. One unique substance found in apple is pectin and it’s found in the skin. Pectin helps the formation of galacturonic acid in our body and it improves our ability to remove toxic substances from our body. By consuming an apple after each meal, the decomposition rate of protein in our intestines can be slowed down, so our body has enough time to absorb it. Apples are also useful in the prevention and treatment of various diseases, such as asthma. It is found that children who suffer from asthma suffer less wheezing when they drink fresh apple juice each day.

Apples also contain two types of flavonoids, naringin and quercetin. They could inhibit the formation of cancer cells. It is found that the incidence of breast cancer can be inhibited by 17 percent, if we consume one apple each day, 39 percent with three apples each day and 44 percent with five apples each day. Lab rats that are given apple skin extract could have significantly reduced risk of liver cancer, at about 57 percent. Phloridzin is another flavonoid found in apples and it could prevent the onset of osteoporosis on women who are entering the menopausal phase. The flavonoid is able to increase bone density and trace amount of boron in apples could also prevent the degradation of bone.

Apples are useful for people who have diabetes. Galacturonic acid reduce our dependence for insulin and when eaten in moderation, apples could improve the condition of people with diabetes. Pectin also reduces the level of bad cholesterol in our body, by about 15 percent if we consume two apples each day. Compared to many fruits, apples have neutral but pleasant taste. This allows us to incorporate apples in many baked products and desserts. We could mix it with various nuts, raisins and oats. Apple pies are among the most common ways to incorporate this fruit in our daily intake.

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