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How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odorfor Oral Sex

How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor For Oral Sex

Every woman has a unique vulva and vagina as well as unique natural smell. The natural smell may be weaker or stronger in some women. Unpleasant vaginal odors may sometimes but not always indicate that something is wrong. Thus, it is important to pay attention to the way you smell. However, you should not feel conscious as long as you are dealing with the typical smell. Slight smell is normal for every woman. Oral sex can be fun, however, many women worry about how they smell or taste. To enjoy oral pleasure, here are some ways to help you not to feel self-conscious when your man goes down on you.

Keep your Vagina Clean

You should clean your vulva and labia minora with a gentle soap that is not scented. Avoid douching, cleaning your vagina, as it might create an imbalance in natural bacteria in your body. It can also lead to infections. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ. Rinse in and around the folds well with clean water by use of your hands. Keeping your vagina clean always will not only encourage your man to have oral sex with you but also boosts your self-confidence. After cleaning, you should wipe it correctly from front to back to avoid infections. This ensures that no residue is left that can lead to overgrowth of bacteria and infections. Showering before the act will ensure that your vagina is clean.

Watch your Diet

Your diet contributes greatly to your smell and taste. Some food alters your body’s sugar, chemical compounds, and bacteria balance. For instance, citrus fruits and pineapples make you smell sweet. A lot of asparaguses, garlic and broccoli may make your scent to be less enjoyable. You can try eating less sugar to prevent yeast infections and buildups. Yoghurt contains bacteria that naturally occur in your body thus helping in maintaining a healthy vagina.

The underwear you put on

Wearing underwear made of synthetic fibers contribute to the odor since they do not allow your vulva to breath. Ensure that your pants have a cotton patch. This helps to absorb moisture and improve breathability. Pure cotton undies, minimize the feminine odor by keeping the air flowing. On summer days, put on few layers as possible. It is also necessary to shower and change your clothes after sweating. Your underwear should be fresh, clean and fitting.

Use Products Carefully

The products you use to take a shower may be of help in hindering your body smell. Scented cleaning products contain harmful chemicals and too many unnatural ingredients. They interfere with your vagina pH balance. This can lead to infections and unpleasant scents. Use natural soaps that are fragrance-free. Various products are designed by some companies to help you deal with vaginal odor. They keep you dry all day long. Before having an oral sex, you can use sprays and wipes to improve your smell and taste. They are claimed to be safe only when used around your vulva and not inside your vagina. You can use this if you are worried about your smell to make your man go down on you. You can also use perfume on your thighs about four inches from your vulva area. This will make you smell amazing.

Trim or Shave

Pubic hair creates an environment suitable for bacteria if not cleaned properly. The bacteria contribute to unpleasant odor. The hair also tends to hold vaginal fluids leading to harmful organisms build up. The organisms lead to the foul smell. Also, it is not a good sensation for your man to have a mouth full of hairs when he goes down on you.

Understand the Cause

The odor can be affected by various factors such as products that you use to cleanse your body, exercise, and diet. For instance, hot days and after a lot of exercises lead to a strong smell being emitted by your vagina. It is important to also watch out for infections and diseases that might contribute to the odor. Knowing the cause will help you deal with the odor by finding the right remedy for it.


Many men enjoy your natural smell and taste. It is necessary to avoid those who make you feel bad about your smell as long as you are conscientious about your hygiene. Taking good care of what might cause the vaginal odor will not only make you comfortable at bed but also encourage your man to go down on you. Vaginal odor may be also a body’s sign to poor health. Thus it is important to pay attention to it

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