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Motorbiking Trip

How To Prepare Yourself When Going For A Long Motorbiking Trip?

Are you hitting the road on your first ever road trip? Or is it your hundredth trip? Whatever, may be your answer, here you can find the top five tips that you must follow for an awesome journey on your dream machine.

Endless roads, the wind playing a tune in your ears, as you speed along on your bike? Does that sound like a bit of heaven? If yes, then it’s time to head out on a long biking trip. But, before you rush out and get on your machine, spend some time, reading the tips given below.

1. The Comfort Factor

The most important factor that can make or break your entire experience is the comfort of your bike. You’re going to be riding your bike for a long time, so ensure that it’s highly comfortable. You can add modifications like better seats, modified handlebars to have a great experience. Remember comfort is more important than your bike looking cool.

How To Prepare Yourself When Going For A Long Motorbiking Trip?

2. Always Dress Accordingly

For long distance rides, Motorcycle Riding Jackets, ankle boots, riding gloves and a full covered helmet are essential. You can pick the right gear at specialized motor stores. Online stores have a wider collection, and you can choose the perfect accessories to match your personal style statement.

Loose, baggy clothing is a big no as they cause a disturbance while you ride. Similarly, too tight gear can make you feel uncomfortable. Always try to get the right size. Donning all this gear may make you feel self-conscious at first.
But, once you get on the route, you can feel your confidence zooming up with the right accessories.

3. Don’t load up on your Luggage

The key to a great motorbike trip is to pack light. There is a huge range of luggage available in India that is designed exclusively for bikers. Saddle bags that you can attach to your backseat, tank bags that are magnetically attached to the fuel tank, tail bags that are bungee wrapped to the back seat are a few different varieties.

Ensure that you carry disposable stuff that you can discard after use. Take shampoo sachets instead of bottles and disposable toothbrushes. Don’t pack plenty of clothes. Try to reuse and wash your clothes wherever possible. Remember that the lighter you pack, the easier is your travel.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

One common error bikers make on long road trips is that they forget to stay hydrated. Invest in a good water bottle with a sling that you can toss over your shoulder. Don’t forget to take a few sips now and then.

You can even pick water bottles that let you infuse your desired flavor. These bottles have a separate compartment where you can add a wedge of lemon, a few mint leaves or tulsi leaves. This lends a unique flavor to your water. Don’t forget to toss in a few packets of glucose or Gatorade for instant energy.

How To Prepare Yourself When Going For A Long Motorbiking Trip?

5. Learn Your Route

Not all are equipped with an intuitive directional sense that gets one to the destination easily. Though you may have Google Maps to help you all the way, it’s safer to take a screenshot or printed copy of the route; in the unfortunate case you don’t have mobile connectivity.

And if everything else fails, you can always consult locals to help you guide in the right direction.

Finally, don’t forget to take breaks often. It’s not a marathon. Don your gear, helmets, Motorcycle Riding Jackets and get on your bike. Stop, enjoy the scenery, fuel yourself and your machine. Above all, remember that the journey is as fascinating as the destination.

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