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Bow ties

Spruce Up Your Look With Distinctive Bow Ties

Weddings are all about the tradition, but it never hurts when we modish the things. Always fashion is all about for women, but today men are not left behind the race. Whether it’s wedding, birthday, cocktail party or a date, they prefer to dress to rouse. When it comes to groomsmen and grooms, we recommend decking yourself out with the perfect accessory like Bow ties.

Bow ties for men give blink touch to any occasion. Here, I have gathered up various bow ties that are more relaxed with silhouettes.

The butterfly shaped bow ties –

The butterfly shaped bow ties

Hey guys! Glam things bit with the gorgeous butterfly-shaped bow ties for your wedding night. It may look more relaxed with your wedding silhouettes. It’s pure perfection comes when it creates stunning aesthetic with the fusion of elegance and minimalism. You can also carry this bow tie for a formal occasion with a tuxedo. It is also great for those who are just venturing into the world of bow ties and should be in every man’s wardrobe.

The batwing bow ties

The batwing bow ties

The batwing also prominently known as slim bow tie. it doesn’t mean you become a batman. This style comes in long rectangle strip with flat end. It specially made for the grooms as it flaunt the modish look. It is slightly less formal than butterfly but black in color is acceptable for every events.

The diamond pointed bow tie

The diamond pointed bow tie

The diamond name has given it because of it s shape. Instead of flat ends, it has pointed edges just like a diamond. Trend setter diamond bow ties for men really give the look of sophisticated yet luxuriant. Although it’s very stylish, but not oftenly seen.

Rounded club bow tie

Rounded club bow tie

The most rarely seen and distinctive bow tie. Its edges are rounded instead of flat. I recommend you try a few and just pick the style that makes you feel the best.

Usually, most men carry bow tie on formal events and wedding. The best formal dress code is black tie that can be worn with standard tuxedo, preferably in satin or silk. When you are planning to go for the official work, this is not the right time to experiment with colors. When you are going for semi formal events, try out the bow ties in different patterns and texture. Bow ties which are made of fabrics like velvet or tweed material, may add fun and modish feel to your ensembles. Prepare to be the centre of attention and steal the show with you dashing look.

With casual attires, wear what your heart wants to desire. Even, if it is trying to break the fashion rule. Show off your own personal style by pairing up funky bow ties. You can every try to frame your bow tie suspenders, printed socks and even bright shoes. Wear it loud and wear with proud.

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