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10 Perfect Gift Ideas For Her This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine day around the corner, many people are deep in thoughts on what will suit their loved ones best. Certainly, it is a good idea thinking about the gifts this early to avoid a half-hearted last-minute gift. With enough time to weigh your options, consider foregoing the standard and normal rose bouquet and chocolate heart she could be used to. Find more inventive ways to express your untimely love for her. Narrowing down to a single gift amidst the endless list of available items is quite daunting. Being your women, you definitely know her likes and how she feels about certain items. Try to hit this weak point by sweeping her an unexpected Valentines gift. From candles, sunglasses, jewelry to timepieces, below are some of the gifts that may crown you the romantic hero this coming valentine’s day.

1. Diptyque Roses Scented Candle

Substituting the classic bouquet of a dozen of roses with a diptyque rose scented candle as a Valentine’s day gifts can ignite a special spark. Despite the class, this gift is certain to last a few more days. The candle can burn for a continuous 20 hours, for a smaller version and 60 hours for a 6.5-ounce version thus refreshing your home with a rose fragrant, which could be her favorite. The whole room will smell like a room full of bouquets of romantic flowers.

2. Pom-Pom Beanie

The pom-pom trend dominance is not just about to exit the fashion market. The item is all round ranging from clothing and accessories to home décor. For this choice, a playful winter beanie is a right gift. The kit comes with a ball of yarn, a faux fur, knitting needles and a personalization label. Whether an expert or a novice knitter, she will surely enjoy this experience. Some come with instructions manual to aid the experience.

3. A Quality Tote Bag

Women will always never be contended with a purse. A small purse certainly cannot provide satisfaction when traveling or commuting to work for her. Therefore, you can take the chance and get her a small, quality and affordable tote bag. Quality brands include the H&M’s leather handbag and a reversible tote bag from Zara. These bags have space enough to fit an umbrella, laptop, tablet, chargers and other small significant stuff she may want to carry around.

4. Fujifilm Instax Polaroid Camera

The Polaroid camera is making a perfect comeback to the industry. This can be ideal Valentine’s day gifts for some photography enthusiasts, hobbyist or some people in need of fun photos for sticking on the fridge or walls of a room. Choose from the variety of colors Fujifilm cameras offer.

5. Ringly Smart Bracelet

Whereas some wearables can be impractical and bulky, ringly gemstone bracelets are a standard piece of fine jewelry to surprise her. The bangle is available in quartz, lapis, labradorite and moonstone options. This slim bangle can track your steps, distance walked, and calories burnt and push alerts to the users’ phones.

6. Love Poems

For those who may lack a way with words, it is prudent leaving it to the experts. Romantic writers like William Shakespeare and WB Yeats can really sort you out. Find a collection of such quotes and novels for her.

7. Bottle Of White And Red Wine

With wine, you can never go wrong. If she is into wine, consider booking her to a wine tasting festival if there is any available. If not, gift her the duo, red and white wine. The duo features a rejuvenating mixture of chardonnay from the Oregon and red blend from Washington states.

8. Amazon Kindle

This is exclusively suitable for bookworms and long daily commute sweethearts. Two common models including the paper white model and kindle voyage are the best pick. Both models provide access to the same library of books. Alternatively, if budgeting is not a problem, find the priceless kindle oasis. This model comes with its charging case, the reason it is expensive.

9. MVMT Watches

These watches are characterized by their simple and stylish appearance. Beyond their exquisite appearance, they are equipped with some interesting specs including a 3-hand quartz movement, a wide variety of stylish straps and a 10 mm hardened mineral crystal.

10. Custom Emoji Bracelet

Emoji are the trending designs in the current fashion world. You can, therefore, find her customized, and personalized bracelets with interesting emoji’s describing your relationship.


Finding the right Valentine gift for any lover or a friend is not only tough but also daunting. Choosing from the wide variety requires an in-depth understanding of what the persona likes. To most ladies, the Valentines’ day is a big deal. Therefore, a perfect gift will settle all the days’ anxiety. Depending on your relationship status, find her the perfect gift.

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