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Common Myths About Cosmetic Surgery

Common Myths About Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has been in practice for almost two centuries now. Since then, the practice has been refined and has become a sub industry in itself. Cosmetic surgeries belong to a wider net of plastic surgery, which is basically the practice of restructuring or reconstructing certain parts of the human body. While it has become one of the most common types of surgeries conducted in hospitals, it has also been on the receiving end of myths that have affected the practice for a long time.  

Common Myths About Cosmetic Surgery

It is always advised to consult the best cosmetic surgeons in Delhi or in any other city that you live in before going for the surgery. Hospitals like Fortis LaFemme offer the best experience and post care options that make them the top choices for any kind of reconstruction surgery. However, the myths linked to these surgeries can dissuade people from undertaking these surgeries and can be a deterrent for people who really want to go through with their surgery plans. Here are a few myths that definitely do not exist in this department anymore.

Celebrities Dictate Cosmetic Surgery

Watching your favorite actor in a movie, TV show, awards show or just a normal interview might make you think that going under the knife is a trend. This is absolutely not a trend. Most people who are on TV and get surgeries done do it to look more presentable and hide flaws that would otherwise be starkly visible on camera. Extensive cosmetic surgeries are never the solution, and the doctors themselves advise less strenuous procedures to achieve the best results.    

Cosmetic Surgery is Vain

One of the biggest myths that discourage people from getting cosmetic surgeries done is that it is known to be a sign of extreme vanity and narcissism. This has affected a lot of people who have had body image issues from a very young age or have been bullied about specific body parts that may not have shaped properly. Even though the improvements are negligible in the opinions of others it makes a difference to the patient. A lot of women who undertake breast surgeries in Bangalore and around the India undergo breast reconstruction surgeries to restore their breast shape to avoid any kind of scrutiny from the world. It is also done for personal happiness so it does not matter in the bigger scheme of things.  

Cosmetic Surgery Effects Are Permanent

A lot of people go in for cosmetic surgeries for permanent procedures which include stopping the wrinkling of skin due to old age and reducing creases by surgical nip and tucks. This however is untrue as the surgeries can only reduce the effects of aging on your physical looks but they are still used to put artificial implants. This is why it is not suggested that people believe that the surgeries would make them look the same forever.

Cosmetic Surgery is Expensive

The advancements in technology that cosmetic surgeries have seen over the years have drastically reduced the costs of various operations. Nose jobs, skin tightening and reshaping lips all procedures have come down in costs over the years. Moreover, improved and refined skills of the doctors in hospitals like Fortis LaFemme, has made the procedure much more effective and safe.

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