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Indian Sesame Seeds Exporters Say Eating Sesame Seeds In Pregnancy Is Safe

Indian Sesame Seeds Exporters Say Eating Sesame Seeds In Pregnancy Is Safe

Sesame seeds seem so tiny yet they are the most valuable cash crop supplied by Indian sesame seeds exporters across the world. The sesamum indicum plant is a native to Africa, but today, it is found across the Asia. Myanmar and India are the largest producers of sesame plant. The seeds of sesame are traditionally used to extract oil, which is later used for both cooking and medicinal purposes.

There is no scientific study that shows sesame seeds are unsafe for consumption in pregnancy. These miracle seeds are rich in calcium, oxalic acid, iron, proteins, amino acids, vitamin B, E, and C and this is why these are considered to be healthy food. However, there is a belief that sesame emits heat and can increase body heat and misbalance the temperature within.

Some people say that eating such foods that emit heat may be the reason behind miscarriages and premature labour. But there is no such evidence to support this theory. There are pregnant women who eat til and til products and show zero harmful effects.

Sesame or til is rich source of calcium and it is a significant ingredient that you can include in your diet, especially when you are vegetarian or don’t take milk or nuts. In South India, sesame oil is used for cooking purposes, but it is OK if you don’t like to use it for cooking or frying purposes. There are other uses of this precious seed-

  • Garnish your sabzi, raita, or salad with sesame seeds. You need to sprinkle 3-4 pinches of seeds.
  • You can also add sesame seeds to your coriander and mint chutney to enhance its nutrition value.
  • Places like Assam, people used to eat sesame chutney with rice and main dishes.
  • Prepare delicious desserts using til, such as laddoos, til chikki, revdi, etc.
  • You can also prepare Tahini or sesame dip to eat with fresh veggies.

For a healthy pregnancy, women should always pick the right and healthy foods to have a nutrient rich diet. However, there are certain foods that are considered as harmful during pregnancy, such as papaya. Pregnant women should avoid such foods to acquire good health.

Sesame seeds exporters in India are shipping their products to rest of the world. There is no place today where sesame seeds are unavailable.

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