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Best and Accurate GPS Tracker For Cars In Delhi NCR

After the shocking Nirbaya Gang rape incident in Delhi in 2012, some suggestions were put forward by security experts of this country to deal with the increasing crime incidents against women in the society. One of the suggestions was to use tracking devices for cars in Delhi NCR. Since then there has been an increase in the use of GPS Tracking Devices for cars across the country, particularly in Delhi NCR. In Delhi NCR, the crime rate is higher than other areas of the country. There is no doubt about it because most of the rape cases have been reported from here. So use of Tracking Devices for Cars in Delhi NCR had become inevitable.

Best and Accurate GPS Tracker For Cars In Delhi NCR

GPS Tracker for Car- Advantages

Using GPS Tracker for Car has plenty of advantages for the vehicle user. Some of them are as given below:

  1. If you have a car and have hired a driver for it. Your driver can’t cheat you in any case. Because, the GPS tracker will let you know his location. With the help of tracking devices, you can tell the exact position of your driver, monitor stoppages to reduce unauthorized stoppages.

  2. It ensures effective vehicle tracking System, delivers real time information about location, mobile inventory and activity of your vehicles.

  3. It prevents vehicle theft and provides clues for the fast recovery of the lost vehicles.

  4. It helps in tracking the activities of terrorists. Thus helps in averting human tragedies. In the last few years, Delhi Police nabbed many terrorists in Delhi with the help of tracking devices in cars.

  5. In case your driver does any crime while driving your vehicle, police will nab him and thus save you from getting arrested.

  6. Drivers often cheat owners, but not now anymore because tracking device catches their activities very well.

  7. Godf0rbid, if thieves steal your car, with the help of GPS tracker, you can recover your stolen vehicle by knowing its real time location.

How to install a GPS Tracker for Car?

It is easy to install a GPS Tracker for car. You will have to buy an activated SIM card and install GPS device at your vehicle. The process will take you a just few minutes. Once you will install a GPS tracker for Car, then, install an Application on your Smartphone which will give you the live report of your vehicle. You will be aware of the exact location of your car and in how much time it will reach to a particular destination. Y0u will even be able to know how many stops your driver made on the way. And you can also hear conversations under your vehicle.

The procedure to install a GPS Tracker for car is as follows:

  1. There are three colors of wires, that is green, white and Yellow. First of all cut off the connection line of Pump and connect it in series of the two green wires.

  2. Now connect white wire to the positive power of your car or to the red wire of power cord.

  3. Connect Yellow with the host’s yellow wire. And that is all you are required to do. Now your GPS Tracker for car is ready to function.

Read this article and know the benefits to install GPS Tracker for Car. There are different types of trackers available for your car. You can choose one according to your budget. There are trackers with two way calling features, only tracking, engine cut –off, personal tracker and fuel tracker.

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