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How to Setup Utilities in your New Apartment

Whether you have purchased a new apartment or agreed to stay as a tenant, you need to put some extra effort to customize it according to your requirements. For instance, you might need to call the utility company to repair the fixtures and fix the issues. Moreover, you also need internet, gas, and electricity to live comfortably in your new apartment.

The purpose of this article is to make renting easier for you, especially when it’s time to move. Here is how to set up all your utilities for your apartment. Let’s check it out.

Start as Early as Possible

After you have opted for Business Bay Apartments for Rent, make sure to call the utility companies before you shift. It is not a good idea to call them on the day you move. It may cause some delay in the services as the company has to send someone to work onsite. It could possibly take a couple of days to set it up and running. Moreover, you can’t afford to keep the check on them while you are busy doing other stuff.

What Services are offered in the Complex?

When it comes to Dubai Real Estate, some communities offer services and utilities within their own complex, such as heat, water, and trash. It is your responsibility to find what is covered by your landlord and what responsibilities fall under you.

Setup Process and Fee

When moving out to a new place, you need to set up utilities in your name. Before you call the service provider, there are things that you need to have ready. For instance, if you are calling the same service provider, you need to tell them your new address and the day you are shifting. On the other hand, if you are hiring a new service provider, you need to give your name, address, email, and passport number (if you are an expat).

Most of the utility companies charge one-time setup fee to turn on the service. While on the other hand, some of them will require a refundable deposit that needs to be paid in advance. No matter, which company you choose, you have to pay some portion of upfront fees or the amount will be charged in your first bill.


When moving to your new apartment, you have to check several things including utilities. It is an easy process, but still, you need to know what to expect. Make sure to plan everything before you move into your new apartment. Moreover, when a man is appointed to set up your utilities, make sure to keep an eye on him. Plan things early so that you don’t have to put an extra effort while setting up your new apartment.

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