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Planning A Trip from Chennai? Think Pune, Not Bangalore

Pune is an interesting city with an amazingly cool weather. If you are coming from south India, best is to take a road trip from Bangalore or a flight from Chennai. Since the weather remains pleasant even in summers, it is the time to see the city, away from the Chennai heat. Read on.

While most of the plains swelter under the scorching spells of the summer sun, Pune is one of the few places that remain cool and indifferent to the changes brought in by the seasons. This can be estimated by the fact that the average temperature during summers in Pune hardly goes beyond 30 and even then it is incredibly bearable. Tell this to someone living in Chennai or Delhi and you would never fail to make them go green with envy. But even if you are living in Chennai, you can always plan a trip to Pune and what better time than the summer holidays for a refreshing trip? Flights from Chennai to Pune take just a couple of hours and a number of airlines operate at both the cities.

So, what is it about Pune that cannot wait to explore besides its cool weather? In fact, even Bangalore has a yearlong cool weather. What makes Pune worth the trip? Well, in many ways, Pune is completely different than Bangalore, but there are two similarities — the weather is moderate and the neighborhood of both these cities offers many more trips. Pune has its own blessings of nature and places like Lonavala and Matheran around it create enough buzz among the travelers. If you are in Chennai, chances are you already have seen Bangalore and its attractions. Pune offers you much more.

Pune is located in the Western Ghats which means it is a hub of biodiversity. The ancient name for Pune is Punyanagari which means the City of Virtue. Pune is also known as Punewadi which is a relatively modern name of the city. It is the place where once Chhatrapati Shivaji lived. Peshwas also ruled from this city. During the British time, it was known as the Monsoon Capital. Evident from its past reputation and history, such is the charm that Pune exudes. Some places of historic significance in Pune are Aga Khan Palace, Shinde’s Chhatri, and the Sinhagad Fort. Another palace that you can see is the Shaniwar Wada which remains in its ruins. During the seventies, one place that claimed prominence in Pune was the Osho Commune center. It exists even today and is the abode of those who seek spiritual knowledge and salvation through the ways of Buddhist and other forms meditation. Near the commune are the Buddhist caves of Bhaja and Karla.

One prominent religious site in Pune is the Pataleshwar Temple that is 1,400 years old. Made of cut rocks, the temple is decorated and carved with several motifs and houses many sculptures of various deities. Another popular tourist site in Pune is the Empress Botanical Garden. It has Saras Bagh and Bund Garden. These gardens are perfect for spending an enjoyable evening with your family and dear ones.

Pune is also famous for its cuisines. Pav Bhaji, Puran Poli, Pithla, Chaat, etc. are some nice perks around here for the foodies. Check out all the delicacies that the city offers to its visitors. Coming from South India, book flights from Chennai to Pune a month in advance and get best air fares.

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