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What Makes Balayage and Ombre Hair Exclusive To Each Other?

Are you a fashion monger who is clueless about the differences existing between ombre hair and a balayage highlighted head? Well, if the answer is in the affirmative then do know that you are not alone. Be it in fashion fairs or beauty salons, hair stylists are used to answering this question to their new and existing clients at all times. Many a times, hair stylists end up getting an appointment request for “ombre balayage” where the heightened levels of confusion have to be rectified before the highlighting process can start. So, if you have been over-thinking about “well, which one should I go for?” then it’s time to set all records straight and provide yourself with some pertinent differences between the two.

Ombre is in “Style”

Deriving its origin from the French word “shadow” the word ombre refers to the transition of colors from lighter shades attributed to the darker shade of the same. This kind of hair coloring works best on men and who are brunettes; and it happens to be the least subtle of the available techniques. Alongside, sombre is seen on blondes; it is a more subtle technique, hence the word used for referring to it is somber. The ombre style flaunts the features and attitude of more daring girls. Overall, it is more noticeable and demands higher maintenance levels to make the styling look as good as new all the time. This color blocking technique leaves no dark pieces at the bottom; thereby making the hair look natural with just a hint of color change at different levels. Ombre has to be done the right way to cast its appeal.

Balayage refers to the “Technique”

Though the two hair color styles are quite similar in looks, there are obvious distinctions in the two. The word “Balayage” originates from yet another French word that means “to sweep”. In case you have witnessed another client getting such a color hair styling done at a salon you would know what the word means right away. Here in, the color is made to sweep in small triangle sections onto a foil or board, thus giving off a natural transition into the lighter color. Dark pieces are then left on the bottom parts for creating dimensions and enhanced natural looks. Overall, the technique appears like natural sun-kissed and vibrant highlights all across the hair. The entire transition is totally natural and needs less maintenance than ombre hair.

Balayage ombre – which one will you opt for?

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