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Your new Fitness Buddy with Muay Thai Training Camp in Thailand

Over the past couple of centuries many different types of martial arts and self-defence techniques have paved their way into the health and fitness regimes of the common man, but none have gained the popularity that Muay Thai has.

Translating into “Thai Boxing”, Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, a close combat technique that was introduced back when Thailand was known as Siam. Also called the ‘Art of Eight Limbs’, Muay Thai use the fighter’s own body as a weapon, utilizing grapples, locks, submissions apart from the common hits and strikes. Over the centuries it has undergone various improvements and today because if its efficiency for training in self-defence and the sheer amount of “burst” energy it uses, Muay Thai has not only been adopted as a weight loss regimen by fitness freaks around the world, but is also the foundational martial art used by all participants of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) tournaments.

Professional fighting aside, the sheer popularity of Muay Thai among weight loss fanatics and fitness enthusiasts has seen scores of people practicing the art in gyms and their own homes. Because of the intense energy it requires both weight-loss aerobic and anaerobic workouts, with some fitness experts going as far as to state that it can potentially burn up to 1000 calories in an hour, as well as its effectiveness in real world situations, Muay Thai is now known to contribute enormously to good health both in terms of biology and society.

Muay Thai, especially after its indoctrination into MMA, has sparked health zealots and tourists from around the globe to visit Thailand just to see and feel the martial art in the air. One of the key features of Muay Thai as a health and fitness regime is its raw simplicity which is why many tourists are astonished to see the sport being practiced by people as young as 5 years old up to senior citizens, and all of them in great shape. Thai government promotes Muay Thai through specialized centers where experts of the sport impart their knowledge of the art and teach aspiring thai boxers how to reform their health, mind, body and spirit in accordance with the ancient teachings.

Recreational Muay Thai gyms cater to beginners and enthusiasts entering the circle for the first time while Traditional ‘Nak Muay’ Gyms focus more on training professional fighters. ‘Foreigner-Focused Muay Thai’ centers and camps cater to tourists from around the world and introduce them to the sport from a weight-loss and fitness point of view primarily. Hybrid gyms also exist throughout the country which serve both professional fighters and beginner recreationalists, teaching them the health benefits as well as practical use of the sport.  Muay Thai is good for calories burnt  then many people train Muay Thai.

So if you feel the need to put one of the world’s most practiced martial arts under your belt and use it to shape your health and take your fitness to the next level of wow, consider indulging in the ancient yet powerful art of Muay Thai.

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