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3 Best Camera For Kids

Photography is a great trade to pass onto your kids. Not only does photography develop the right, or creative side of your kid’s brain, but it’s a valuable artistic expression kids can use to develop their feelings and explore the world around them. Not to mention how fun it is! In a world full of digital technology, cameras are a great way to blend the familiarity of electronics with the curiosity and intrigue that comes with the environment. Using kids’ camera guide, we will explore three cameras great for kids.

Kid’s digital cameras

A digital camera is simply an electronic camera that records its pictures, rather than prints them on film. In this section, we will analyze specific models of digital cameras so you can determine which is best for the child.

While browsing

While browsing for the appropriate digital camera, here are five major things to keep in mind:

1. Does the camera fall within budget?

2. How is the megapixel resolutions on the camera? The more megapixels, the sharper and better quality the image.

3. Does the camera have an appropriate size and shape for the child’s hands? For instance, large camera models may be uncomfortable for children with small hands.

4. Is the quality of the build sturdy? Will it break easily?

5. What are other parents saying in the reviews?

Best digital cameras

Nikon coolpix s33

3 Best Camera For Kids

Nikon’s coolpix s33 delivers an exception kid’s camera at a great value of around $100. It’s point and shoot design make it very easy and simple for kid and adult use, while its 13 megapixel sensor delivers exceptional images, all of which can be viewed on its large, 2.7 inch display. Additionally, the nikon coolpix s33 offers high definition video recording (1080p) making for stellar photography and videography.

Canon powershot elph 170 is

3 Best Camera For Kids

The canon powershot is for the kid who definitely wants to take up photography. While it comes at nearly twice the price of nikon coolpix, with walmart retailing it for $170, but almost twice the features, allowing your child to perform photography tricks not available with the nikon coolpix. Additionally, the canon powershot features a 20 mp sensor, 12x zoom capacity, and 720p video recording.

Vtech kidizoom action cam

3 Best Camera For Kids

If your kid is a bit more rugged than most, then the vtech action camera is the way to go. Dubbed the gopro for kids, the vtech can be mounted to your child’s toys and utilities (such as a bike) and taken with them on their adventures. It’s durable and waterproof design ensures the only thing they have to worry about is finding great spots for photos and videos, and losing the camera, of course. Y


Overall, if your child is a beginner for digital photography, then grab the nikon coolpix. It is one of best kids toy camera. A bit more advanced but not ready for a genuine camera? Slide them the canon powershot and if they just like to go on the wildest rides, then the vtech is the way to go.

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