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Instagram Marketing Tips

5 Instagram Marketing Tips to Boost Your E-commerce Site’s Ranking in the SERPs

Being the entrepreneur who owns and operates an e-commerce business, you know how important it is to exploit the growing potential of social media when it comes to promoting your brand products. This is the only way you are going to boost your website’s ranks on the result pages of prominent internet search engines. Experts specializing in this field point out it is essential for your establishment to have a very strong presence on Instagram if you want to gain the competitive edge in the marketplace. This is because no other social media networking platform can match its reach and popularity.

Instagram – 5 essential marketing tips entrepreneurs should know

These professionals go on to suggest the following five crucial marketing tips you should keep in mind while using this popular networking platform to boost sales and improve customer engagement:

  1. Come up with an effective marketing strategy

As with other popular social media networking platform, you need to have an effective marketing strategy in place to promote your products or services on Instagram. You need to know your target audience thoroughly to achieve your objectives of boosting sales and improving customer engagement. Moreover, you need to come up with interesting content, eye-catching photos, and engaging videos to ensure they show interest in what you are offering to sell them.  This is the only viable way you are going to attract their attention of such people to your business organization in the form of ‘likes,’ ‘comments’ and ‘follows.’

  1. Make effective use of relevant hashtags

While using Instagram to promote the products or services, you are offering to sell to the online public; you need to know the importance of utilizing relevant hashtags effectively. Such features have the potential to enable your establishment to reach out to more people within your target audience in a bid to improve customer engagement. This goes a long way in converting potential leads into loyal clients for your business. They recommend you use at least seven relevant hashtags in every post you upload on the business website and this popular social media networking platform. You also add interesting comments along with such features to increase the chances of getting more ‘likes’ from your organization’s followers.

  1. Utilize the potential of ‘User Generated Content’ (UGC) to your advantage

You are perhaps aware that word-of-mouth recommendations from a customer who wants to share his/her experience on using a product with others are one of the most effective marketing tactics. This is because potential internet users tend to rely on the views of people who have some of the kind of experience in using products they intend to buy rather than brands. Coming up with a relevant ‘user-generated content’ campaign to promote your brand products or services on this social media platform is a viable way for you to use this concept. Taking such a step goes a long way in improving awareness among your target audience of the products or services you are offering to sell them on this platform. This is how you are going to attract real followers for Instagram to your organization.

  1. Instagram stories

A viable way to engage the members of your target audience to what you are offering to sell them on this popular social media networking platform is through ‘Instagram stories.’ Research shows that online marketers find it a very effective way to increase the loyalty of the people who show interest in the products or services you are offering to sell them. Moreover, it also helps other internet users discover your business organization and what it deals in. This feature is also the ideal testing grounds to determine how effective the ideas you come up with are in promoting your brand products or services to an online audience.

  1. Come up creative captions to write up with your posts

The measure of how successful your business organization is in engaging its target audience is by some ‘likes,’ ‘comments’ or ‘follows’ on the posts you upload. This may not always result in a sale as you may expect but it indicates that your customers show interest in the products or services you are offering to sell them. Rather than spending too much of your time in thinking of creative content ideas to engage your online clients, you should also pay attention to captions you use to describe your posts. However, you try not attempt to make your captions too long and difficult for your customers to understand. It may prove to be counterproductive.

Instagram is only of most popular social media networking platforms entrepreneurs use to market their products or services to their target audience. However, experts say making effective use of the above five vital marketing tips can help you exploit its potential to enhance your organization sales, improve customer engagement and increase profits. This could turn out to be a win-win situation for you in the long-run.

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