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Best Available Chopta Accommodation Options

Chopta is a little untouched area in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand state in the North of India. It is a commencement point of many famous treks and also an ideal spot for a peaceful vacation. This area abounds in scenic natural beauty and this is the reason that its popularity as a tourist destination is increasing consistently. The place is quite unspoiled by tourists and is not commercialized due to which you can enjoy the untouched natural environment.

Where to Stay in Chopta

One of the main questions during a visit to Chopta is to find a place to stay. As mentioned above the place is totally non commercialized, hence you will not be able to find luxury hotels with frills and feathers here. All you will be able to find are budget hotels and lodges which provide basic amenities and a hospitable environment. The budget hotels in Chopta provide a pristine ambience and warm reception. The mountain people are well known for their simplicity and friendly and hospitable nature. You can see this in the hotels in Chopta provide comfortable stay for leisure travellers and pilgrims alike. You can also find air conditioned rooms in some of the hotels although this is a facility you don’t really need in this area. In the winters you will find room heaters which provide comfort and warmth during the chilly season.

There are different budge hotels like Hotel Snow View Chopta, Mayadeep herbal resort, Chauhan guest house, Devariya guest house or Magpie Eco tourist Village. All these hotels are neat and clean and provide good modern amenities. The food served by them is also delicious and filling as you would need during a stay in the mountains. Apart from these there are the popular choices among travelers like AwasGriha, Nanda Devi Paryatak and Tourist Rest house. The staff at these hotels is cordial and takes good care of the needs of the guests. The rates at the hotels are negotiable so you can find a good deal during your stay there. There are the GarhwalMandalVikas Nigam lodges which are quite affordable.

Different activities in Chopta

During your stay at any of the above mentioned Chopta accommodation you can take excursions into the surrounding forests and meadows. You can get food, drink and snacks packed by the hotel and take them along with you. The hotels in Chopta will also arrange for tourist guides for you although most of the tourists coming here come as part of a package and hence have their guides with them. You can mingle with the local people and see their simple and natural lifestyle. If you are lucky you may also be able to get some handicrafts made by the women in the area. Apart from that of course Chopta is famous as the point of commencement of many famous treks and you can take the short 4 km easy trek that provides an excellent view of the Himalayan mountain ranges. It is advisable to take the expert guidance of a tourism agency and opt for one of their packages if you want a hassle free stay in Chopta

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