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Checklist for Landlord before Tenant Move in

Checklist for Landlord Before Tenant Move in

Listing your property for rent and ending up offering to a new tenant requires a lot of time. After you have successfully found a tenant to relocate to the apartment for living, you need to go through a process, from marketing of property to signing the final contract.

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So coming back to the point, what you need to check before a new tenant moves in. Make sure to check them out to save yourself from any hassle in the future.

Repair, Clean and Refurbish

Before a new tenant moves in you have to make sure that everything in the apartment is up to the mark. There are no water leakages, cracks in the wall, broken faucets and mold on the tiles. The maintenance is necessary so that tenants may stay for a longer period. Moreover, if you keep proper check on maintenance and cleanliness, you can ensure a flood of tenants interested in your property looking for apartment.

Collect Deposit and Rent in Advance

Before the tenant moves in, you should collect the security deposit and first month rent. This can be done when signing an agreement with the tenant. However, if the tenant demands a few more days, you can surely give them the favor. But if the cash is not paid on the said time, you can cancel the agreement. It is because the tenant would not pay you rent on time in the future as well. Make sure that you and your tenant are on the same page, especially when it comes to rent.

Changing the Locks

If you want to be on the safe side, make sure to change the locks before the tenant moves in. Spending a few bucks would result in saving yourself from any liability and being held for any unexpected event.

Ask Tenant if they want Anything from You

When it comes to renting your apartment, you don’t have to force your decisions on tenants only. It’s a two way agreement, and you both have to mutually respect each other concerns. Make sure to ask your tenant whether he/she would require anything from your side. For instance, the tenant would ask about having the apartment painted, fixing cracked walls and repairing any faucet etc.

Provide Tenant with Your Contact Information

Most of the home or apartment owners don’t give contact information to their tenants. However, by giving the contact info, it will be easier to approach each other and have any discussion regarding contact or any complaint. However, it is better to ask the convenient time to contact in case of any problem.

If you are looking for long term relations with your tenant, make sure to decide on terms and conditions that are equally good for both the parties.

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