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Luxurious Lonavala: Resorts Worth Splurging

It might be one of the most famous getaways in Maharashtra, yet Lonavala draws swarms from Mumbai and Pune on almost every weekend. Throughout the years, one of Maharashtra’s most frequented getaways, Lonavala has been gifted with some top of the line resorts setting up their base here. So this monsoon, if you are in Mumbai, take a Mumbai to Lonavala taxi, and get ready to enjoy the season, in a posh, luxurious set-up like never before!

Lonavala is Mumbaikars’ favourite weekend escape route, for it has all the essential elements that when stirred, make for the most mind boggling cocktail that any traveller would simply adore. So get a Mumbai to Lonavala taxi booked, and spend some days in the lap of nature, cuddled by a luxurious touch. That’s how the finest resorts in Lonavala welcome you. Ready?

  1. Fariyas Resort

Located in the heart of Lonavala, Fariyas is a five-star resort with all luxuries set up. It is one of Lonavala’s most known and sought after resorts that offers something for the whole family. Its smaller than normal water park, is kid friendly for children who wish to cherish a water sprinkle with rides to keep them involved for a considerable length of time. Try not to miss the astonishing smorgasbord with a substantial range of flavorful rarities.

  1. Upper Deck Resort

A getaway in the lap of nature, the Upper Deck is a boutique resort, encompassed by astounding views of waterfalls, slopes, lakes, and rich greenery. If this lovely scene isn’t sufficient, you can take a dunk in its open pool or appreciate a cuppa in its eatery.

  1. Amby Valley

Searching for a luxurious stay, complete with all luxuries, and in a state of harmony with nature? Well, the Aamby Valley is the ideal spot for you. The property is around 23 km from Lonavala, in the Sahyadris, and offers diverse styles of facilities, for example, a Spanish bungalow, a Burmese chalet, etc. You can also attempt a lot of exercises, for example, golfing, adventure sports, and so forth.

  1. The Machan

How does living in a tree-house sound like? It’s obviously an out and out thrilling, energizing and an eccentric experience, right? For the very same, head to this eco-resort now! Situated in rich natural surrounding, it has tree houses 30 to 40 ft over the ground, sitting above the backwoods. Despite the fact that the “machans” offer extravagant enhancements, they keep running on maintainable assets and offer you a wonderful stay right amidst nature.

  1. Dukes Retreat

Situated at the edge of a precipice in Khandala, this resort hotels and Chopta Hotels offers beautiful vistas of waterfalls and ghats. If all that you are searching for is a pretty, romantic getaway, head to The Dukes Retreat. The various facilities here like spa, pool and sightseeing, have made it one of the most favoured resorts in the hill station. So whenever you get time from the busy life, pack your bags, and get set to cover the Mumbai to Lonavala distance by road that leads to the Dukes Retreat.

It’s raining luxuries!

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