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Revel In The Diverse Festivities Of Chennai

The hustling and clamoring metropolitan city, whirling on the tunes of day by day exercises, Chennai, has a sublime customary society set apart by the zest of a few fairs and festivals held here. A vital part of the social galas of Chennai, these celebrations give relief from the dullness and monotony of the city and are anticipated, by both the inhabitants and additionally the travelers.

If you ever come across Delhi to Chennai flights cheapest ticket by air, then do not give it a second thought. Buy it and get ready to explore a myriad of diversity and an outburst of florid celebrations in the coastal city of Chennai. Moreover, if the tickets are available at a cheap rate during the festive season of Chennai, then buddy, you are in luck. Here’s a list of some of the most spectacular festivals that are celebrated in Chennai, that are not just of great cultural importance, but also are one exquisite feast for the eyes.

  1. Pongal

Chennai’s most essential get-together is the day when families everywhere throughout the city assemble at day break and boil fresh milk in brand new earthen pots that are symbols of a new year brimming with success and prosperity. A happy climate penetrates the city amid this occasion.

  1. Arubathimoovar

The period from March to April fills the air around the Kapaleeswarar Temple in Mylapore with the scent of this celebration. Upon the arrival of this festival, every one of the 63 Saivites would join in long parades close by Lord Shiva. A standout amongst the most acclaimed parades is the one that starts from Kapaleeswarar sanctuary in Chennai. Every one of the guests are pleased to get a look at the 63 bronze idols of the Nayanmars.

  1. Natyanjali Dance Festival

Lord Nataraja, the Cosmic Dancer, is paid exceptional tribute, consistently on the colossal event of Natyanjali Festival held in Chidambaram, close to the city of Chennai. The five day long celebration falls in the months of February-March and is a great spectacle to witness and cherish along.

  1. Kavadi Festival

The devotees of Muruga carry a flower secured enrichment called a Kavadi throughout the distance from the city up to holy Palani Hill to the entrancing cadence of drums. This dreamlike occasion is one of the additionally intriguing and enthusiastic shows of Hindu commitment in Chennai.

  1. Vellankani Festival

This great Christian celebration praises the holy spot where a gathering of sixteenth century Portuguese mariners were spared amid a wreck by appealing to the Virgin Mary. A huge number of aficionados clad in orange robes stroll to the consecrated spot where the mariner’s boat landed, and where they erected a sacred place of worship favored with marvelous mending powers.

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