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Sources Of Astaxanthin

Naturally astaxanthin is found in marine creatures like salmon, shrimps and lobsters. These creatures get astaxanthin by consuming algae, yeast and bacteria. Astaxanthin is a natural carotenoid which is deep pink or red in color. Carotenoids are also known as strongest anti oxidants available in nature. Different colors of vegetables are because of the concentrations of carotenoids present in the plants.

There are many numbers of carotenoids present in different vegetables, fruits and marine creatures. And humans can avail these carotenoids by consuming various fruits and veggies of different hues. Currently, powerful source of anti oxidants are found in astaxanthin supplements which are consumed in the form of diet. Astaxanthin supplements provide more number of anti oxidants when compared with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and beta carotenes.

Now days, these supplements are easily available in the market in the form of tablets or capsules.

Sources of Astaxanthin in Diet

  • Astaxanthin is present in some marine organisms with concentrated levels.
  • People can consume some sort of foods like salmon fish, shrimps, lobsters and crabs.
  • Some of the birds and its feathers contain certain levels of astaxanthin since they consume algae and astaxanthin containing marine organisms.
  • Natural astaxanthin is bound to protein cells in some of the marine organisms and gets reddened as we cook them and releases astaxanthin.
  • Few astaxanthin sources are also present in honey comb since honey bees visits different trees and flowers on daily basis.
  • Some bacteria are also source of natural astaxanthin and few yeast species.
  • astaxanthin sources such as H. pluvialis are found to be very useful.

Natural Astaxanthin and its Health Benefits

Recent researchers have found natural astaxanthin treats wide number of diseases. Since astaxanthin is one and only strongest anti oxidant substance present in our environment. Natural astaxanthin supplements over takes Vitamin C as a scavenger of radical agents. It also possess number of free radicals than beta carotene and thus stronger than E Vitamin. And astaxanthin exceeds lycopene in anti oxidants.

Oxygen supply gets satiate with proper dietary intake of food sources containing astaxanthin. Astaxanthin also neutralizes cell damaging type more than Vtamin E and regularizing unstable oxygen supply.

Role of Astaxanthin for Eye Health and Brain

Some of the carotenoids like lycopene and beta carotene possess Blood Brain Barrier or BBB and Blood Retinal Barrier or BRB which allows direct protection to brain and central nervous system. Along with these two natural astaxanthin too crosses the barriers.

Apart from various anti oxidant effects, natural astaxanthin also acts as an anti inflammatory agent. Since there will be some sort of inflammation is present with diseases, astaxanthin supplements suppress the inflammation levels in all parts of the body.

Astaxanthin supplements helps regularize vision disorders related with age and reduces the risks of medical conditions like cataracts and vision impair, dementia and other nerve regarding diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, high cholesterol and cancer. Astaxanthin is loaded with multiple therapeutic uses; some of them are anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti diabetic, liver protective and so on.

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