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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Full Episode Star Plus Serial Wiki Story

Start and hottest serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai full episode review and complete wiki story, everybody is aware of that begin and is that the Hindi HD channel and its shows square measure forever hottest shows.After everything gets fine in Goenka house, they have a fun event. Dadi plays a game to look out the correct jodi. Naksh-Kirti, Kartik-Naira, Manish-Suwarna participate among the fun game. Dadi tests their compatibility and relation’s strength by questioning them. whereas Manish-Kirti and Naksh-Kirti fail in few things, Kartik-Naira begin as a result of the winners. Raghav involves the Goenka house to reveal his past with Nigerian unit. He doesn’t forget the reminiscences of Rishikesh, unlike her. He makes associate look to tense her.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Wiki Story:

Naira feels guilty once Dadi asks them if they have hidden one issue huge from their partner. Nigerian unit doesn’t lie and stops midway. She wishes to confide the fact with Hindu calendar month. Hindu calendar month is conscious of regarding Raghav, and accepts the actual fact that he was a vicinity of Naira’s past. Still, Hindu calendar month doesn’t would like their respect to suffer by someone’s interference. Hindu calendar month stops Raghav from spoiling their happiness. Raghav’s intervention irks Hindu calendar month and Nigerian unit. Hindu calendar month and Nigerian unit concern to lose each other.

Naira and Hindu calendar month raise Suwarna to stay hopeful that Manish will celebrate their day of remembrance. Dadi worries that Naira’s came upon can get the family abused. The guests begin asking Suwarna regarding Manish. Manish makes his presence celebrated by his special song for Suwarna. Manish apologizes to Suwarna earlier than everyone. He feels lucky to urge a life partner like Suwarna. He understands her sacrifice. He tells her that he can’t live whereas not her, and he or she suggests that a world to him. Suwarna gets glad that he has forgiven her. Nigerian unit and Hindu calendar month bring happiness in everyone’s lives. Manish and Suwarna celebrate with the entire family. The family dance and have a good time. Aryan feels lonely.

Aryan didn’t apprehend Manish will drop his annoyance thus shortly. Aryan waits for them to introduce him as friend. Hindu calendar month gets disturbed on seeing Raghav among the party. He doesn’t would like Raghav to spoil their happiness.Manish and Suwarna cut the cake and make a would love for family’s happiness. The guests notice Aryan and lift Manish regarding him. Dadi feels Manish’s name is at stake. Dadi doesn’t let anyone answer regarding Aryan. Aryan feels dangerous that the family avoided the question thus well. He feels their love is solely a drama. Manish and Suwarna ought to kind Aryan perceive that they love him tons. Raghav reaches close to Nigerian unit.

Kartik makes him far from Nigerian unit. He asks him why is he following Nigerian unit. Raghav tells him that he’s Naira’s ex-lover. Hindu calendar month manages to throw him out of the family. Hindu calendar month doesn’t would like Naira’s happiness to urge down. Hindu calendar month tells Raghav that he’s Naira’s husband. He asks Raghav to remain his past to himself and leave, as past doesn’t interest him. Raghav tries plenty of to instigate Hindu calendar month. Hindu calendar month turns deaf ears this sad tale. Hindu calendar month keeps Nigerian unit far from problems. they have a cute romantic moment to celebrate their love. Dadi sees them concealment beneath the table and is conscious of Naira’s mischief. She asks Nigerian unit to return back out and see her. Nigerian unit and Hindu calendar month argue when they get caught by Dadi.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Episode

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