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4 Tips To Wear Palazzos If You Are Short and Petite

When palazzo pants hit the shops first,almost all of us were very delighted to realize the fact that summers are going to easy with these lightweight and comfortable pants. However, to the disappointment of many of us, palazzos didn’t turn out to be that cool. They made some women look unflattering. But it was obvious. There are so many women with different body shapes trying to make one particular style work on them without taking into account their body shapes, lifestyle, fabric, colour combination etc. Yes, taking care of these things especially your body shape becomes very important when it comes to wearing graceful and stylish palazzos more so if you happen to be petite. If styled properly trousers for womenturn out to be a great wardrobe staple.

They look feminine, sexy and very comfortable. And when styled in the right way,trousers for women can make you look leaner and longer. But if you are a small and petite girl and wearing the trend wrong, it will make you look short and stout. Avoid looking frumpy and outmoded with these rules and tips.

  1. Add heels to fake a few inches

The trousers for women are extremely girly and chic. The free flowing styles and the wide legs are sure to add some bulk to the body making you look short and squat which is sure to go against petite girls. Hence, in order to give the illusion of height always team your palazzo with a pair of heels. Heels and wedges will make your legs look longer thus making you appear taller.

4 tips to wear palazzos if you are short and petite

  1. Pairing it with the right top

Although trousers for women appear to be one such versatile wardrobe staple which can be paired with almost everything, still it becomes important to pair it with the right top if you want tomake it look flattering. Since the wide legs add lots of volume to your lower half it is always wise to pair your palazzos with a fitted top to balance the look. You can also trying wearing a high waisted pair to accentuate your waist and increase the length of your legs.

However, if you are extremely thin you should try pairing a loose fitted top with a loose fitted palazzo to give the impression of a fuller body.

  1. Opt for a plain palazzo

Also, as a petite woman you should try to stay away from big and bold patterns. However, if you really want to wear printed trousers for women you should go for smaller prints. Larger prints will bring more attention to your lower half thus making your legs bigger. It is best to wear a plain palazzo as it will keep the look sober and streamlined.

4 tips to wear palazzos if you are short and petite

  1. The right length

Another important thing for getting the right look is to find trendsetting trousers for women in just the right length. If your palazzo happens to be shorter or longer than the ideal length it will make you look sloppy. The ideal length means that the hem of yourpalazzos barely touch the floor. Make sure that you don’t trip over them as you walk in order to avoid the slouchy look.

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