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Easy Ways To Travel Proof Your Vape

When traveling, according to Confucius, wherever you go, go with all your heart. For a vaper, you also go with all your vaping paraphernalia. While traveling may indeed be fun and exciting, trying to tag along all your vaping gear may prove to be a challenge. There are a few considerations that need to be made when doing this, but with some careful planning, and some research, you can easily and safely carry your e-cigs, e-juices, and vaping accessories with you wherever you go.

In order for you to travel-proof your vape, here are the considerations you need to keep in mind:

Packing your gear for safety – one of the things you do not want to discover when you get to where you are going is a broken e-cig. You also do not want your e-juices to spill all over your clothes and other stuff. To ensure that these accidents do not happen, you need to get yourself an e-cig travelling case. There are many protective cases in the market that can accommodate all of your vaping equipment, and these are often padded to help keep your electronic cigarettes safe. There are even carrying cases that look like metal cash boxes which have padded compartments for you to stash your e-cig gear and accessories in safely and separately.

Packing your gear for compliance – before you get on an airplane, you should make sure that your battery is separated from your cartomizer. This is to ensure that nothing bad happens on the flight, unlike what happened to a JetBlue flight in 2014, when an e-cig that was not safely stored with components separated started to smolder inside a bag. Good thing the flight had not taken off before this happened. You won’t be allowed to use your vape inside the plane anyway, so separating your batteries from your vape is no big deal. To ensure that airport and airline personnel know that you are carrying an e-cig and it is safely packed, you should tell them and show them your e-cig supplies.

Making sure you pack everything you need – probably another thing you do not want to discover when you get to your destination is that you forgot a few essentials for your vape. Even worse is when you realize that there are no vape shops nearby to help you complete your gear. To prevent this from happening, you should create a checklist of your e-cig stuff and go over each item as you pack. Make sure you have enough e-liquids for your trip since you won’t really know if where you are going will have stores that sell these. Pack extra rechargeable batteries as well to ensure that you will be able to charge a few while you are using your vape. Oh, and do not forget your charger.

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