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Some Super Facts About Kiwi Fruit

Do you love the luscious taste of kiwi fruit? You are not alone; many will vouch for its superb taste. Not only that, scientists also recognize that it is chock full of nutrients.

Here are some lesser known facts about this delicious fruit:

  • One serving (2 fruits) of Kiwi contains twice the amount of Vitamin C, as much fibre as a bowl of cereal and potassium like a banana and only 100 calories.
  • Its fibre content, both soluble and insoluble, aids digestion, lowers cholesterol level and promotes heart health.
  • Its fibre content also means that it has low glycemic index, making it ideal for diabetic patients.
  • The fruit has been named as “Nutrition- All Star” since it has the most nutrition density among 21 most popular fruits.
  • In addition to Vitamin C, it has other anti-oxidants which protect the body from disease causing free radicals.
  • Pregnant women love the fruit as it contains folic acid, which is good for the health of the foetus.
  • It is good for eye health and hence, is a good ingredient for a fruit basket.
  • Avocados and kiwis are the fruits richest in vitamins but while avocados contain a little fat, kiwis are minus fat.
  • Kiwi fruits help in breaking down nutrients for protein absorption, to deliver them to tired muscles of the body. Hence they are suitable for after workout shakes.
  • They are valuable in beauty therapy for DIY face masks.
  • Kiwis originated from China, where it was called ‘Yang Tao’. Later they were called- “Chinese gooseberries”. Missionaries introduced the fruit to New Zealand. After this, they began to be called as ‘kiwi fruits’, with reference to the flightless bird- kiwi which is the national bird of New Zealand.
  • Kiwi contains higher Lutein content than spinach.
  • Consuming 2 kiwis, one hour before bed time will help you sleep better. Have a sound sleep and get a fresh energy boost when you wake up.
  • Replenish your complexion and immune system because Kiwis have three times Vitamin C compared to oranges.
  • The fruit is sweet and juicy. It tastes like a combination of straw berry and gooseberry.
  • Kiwis are oblong shaped and very small in size but some grow to 3 inches long.
  • It has an edible brown and fuzzy skin, but most popular way of consumption is by peeling off. Outside is russet brown and inside is a bright green with tiny purple seeds.
  • It must be washed in cold water before consumption. It can be consumed like avocados by spooning out the flesh from the skin.
  • It is an important and popular ingredient in fruit or vegetable salads.
  • To select best kiwis-hold them between your forefinger and thumb and apply pressure gently. Those kiwis which are most sweet will yield to the pressure. Avoid those that are shrivelled, soft, have damp or bruised spots.
  • Quality of kiwi fruits is not related to its size, so go in for any size you like.

Now that you know so much about kiwis, you will understand why it is such a special ingredient in a fruit hamper. This gift hamper is sure to be well appreciated.

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