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The 3 Things Your Choice Of Wedding Photographer Depends On

Are you getting married soon? Congratulations! Now the hard part begins in earnest. You actually have to plan your wedding. If you’re looking at a huge list of things to do and decisions to make, don’t panic. Take things one at a time and remember to have fun – this is the build-up to your big day and the preparations shouldn’t be a significant source of stress.

One of the most important tasks on your list is choosing the photographer. Everyone has different styles and budgets, so make sure that you look for a photographer that suits your own needs. London offers a whole host of different photography options, so how do you narrow down your choices? Take a look at these factors, which will influence your choice of London wedding photographer.

  1. Your Style and Personality

One of the main reasons for choosing one photographer over another is their personal style. Look at their portfolio and decide if you like looking at the photos they take. If not, try the next one. It doesn’t matter if you do not know anything about photography or art styles, or the terminology. You simply need to like the look of someone’s work. You may prefer bold, crazy pictures with a lot of humour, or you may be more traditional and want ultra-romantic shots. While looking, also try to imagine yourself and your fiancé in the shots. If you’d feel uncomfortable, try another style. Consider also that different styles may require different settings, budgets, and investment. For example, a photographer who has a photo journalistic style will need you to do very little apart from carry on with your day. A photographer with a fashion focus will require posed shots, which may take more time.

  1. Your Budget

Of course, the wedding photography london offers will also depend on your budget. Thankfully there are many options so you can still get excellent photos if you have a smaller budget. This is not an area of the wedding that you should economise on, however, as you do tend to get what you pay for. It is a good idea to find a photographer you like and can work well with by looking at style and personality, rather than looking purely on budget alone.

  1. Their Personality

Your photographer is going to be spending a lot of time with you so it is important you can work well together. Who needs an extra source of stress from a photographer who is disagreeable and rude? Avoid someone overbearing but don’t forget that a photographer must command attention and be able to direct people to get the best shots. Overall, choose someone whose personality gels with yours and who is professional, efficient, and creative.

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