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6 Décor Elements that Can Change Any Room

Some say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, that doesn’t always work for home décor. Change can be good, even for a room.

We’re not talking about major things like painting or moving walls, here. It’s a matter of making some simple changes to existing things that can make the look dramatically different.

So here we present to you 6 décor elements that will change any room.

1.     Contemporary Art

Contemporary art, especially that which contains some of your furnishings colors, will make those aspects of your furnishings pop. The color of the furnishings can, in turn, make your artwork pop.

However, there are many contrasting colors that can be beautiful when put together. Look at the colors of certain birds like parrots. Don’t be afraid to consider colors like these. There is definite beauty in contrast.

2.     Arranging Your Books

It’s old school to put your books in a tall bookcase, as you’d find in a library. And most of the time, that works fine.

Try stacking them horizontally, possibly even making several stacks in different spots in the room.

You can even try using a combination of the traditionally-vertical with the modern horizontal stacks.

Of course, the modern experiment here may not be for everyone. But it doesn’t hurt to try.

3.     Add Color

Again, we’re not necessarily talking about painting, unless that’s what you’re after. But just adding something like pillows or curtains with a bright color. There is no right or wrong here. It’s about what you like. Give it a try.

You might even be able to add color with a rug. Just know that choosing the correct size is as important as the color.

4.     See It Through

Any items you can see through, like a glass table can definitely change the look of a room. This is particularly so when you have furniture or other items dominating the look with their dark colored woods.

In some cases, it can make a room seem bigger.

Transparent items have one other benefit. The likelihood of it not going with the rest of the room is slim to none.

5.     Stay Solid

Modern looks dictate the use of solid colors, rather than patterned finishes. Textured metals can help with this, adding enough interest to break up patterns and change the look of your room.

6.     Think International

Try to incorporate art from other areas of the world. If you have the good fortune of traveling to other countries, take note of their art, and see if you can find something that will look good or interesting in the room you want to change.

If you’re not able to travel the globe, you might be able to find mock ups that could do the same thing, and for less money.


As you can see, there are a ton of things you can do to change the look of a room. You don’t even have to take out the paintbrush.

You can use contemporary art that matches or contrasts the colors of your furnishings. Arranging your books in horizontal stacks can change up things quite a bit. Add a bright-colored pillow or other item to grab your attention once you enter a room. Glass tables or anything transparent can make the dimensions seem different. In certain spots, if you need color, stick with solid ones, rather than multi-colored patterned items. Finally, if you’re able to incorporate global art – paintings, carvings or other items – you can make yourself look like a world traveler, and add something interesting to your room.

We hope you found some great ideas in this article.

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