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Corn Flakes – A Good Source Of Vitamin and Mineral

Corn Flakes – A Good Source Of Vitamin and Mineral


Cornflakes became first ready to eat breakfast during 1900s. This is prepared from milled corn by most trusted Corn Flakes Manufacturer in India. Sugar is added to give it extra flavor and this is taken as wonderful source of plenty of vitamins and minerals. This is healthy breakfast choice that keeps you healthy and active throughout the day. This also maintains cholesterol levels inside body and amazing substitute of breadcrumbs.

Benefits explained by Corn Flakes Manufacturer in India

  • Fat free food

Corn flakes are 100 percent fat free and it maintains your body weight in best way. It does not contain any harmful fats that may harm your body. This should be taken along with milk or fruits to maintain low calorie diet during breakfast.

  • Carbohydrates Content

Corn flakes are rich in dietary fiber and it contains heavy carbohydrates that make you healthy and fit. The amount that you should consume during breakfast generally varies for adults and kids. Aged men or women generally require less fiber every day while adults need high fiber daily.

  • Protein Content

A man is always advised to consume balanced protein content every day. There is approximate 2 gm protein content in every cup of corn flakes. An adult man generally requires 5 percent protein for healthy living.

  • Vitamin-Enriched

Corn flakes are rich in vitamin B and Vitamin D. The amount of vitamins may vary in processed food. Some brands contain 10 percent vitamins while others contain 20 percent of vitamin b12. You have to be extra cautious when buying cornflakes from some popular brand.

  • Minerals fortified

The benefits of corn flakes are just the endless and nutritional content is also high in branded products. A woman generally requires 44 percent iron content everyday and this requirement is fulfilled by cornflake breakfast.

Now you can see yourself that how corn flakes are beneficial for you in different ways. This is especially good for working professionals who has to stay active throughout the day. They generally need more energy than common man. To know more about corn flakes and to get genuine quality product, you should contact corn flakes manufacturers in India right away.

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