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Inspiring Wainscoting Ideas For Your Home

There’s plenty of designs for you to choose from when renovating or upgrading your home. One such concept is the appeal of wainscoting. Although it’s been around for centuries, it’s most likely to continue evolving to suit our current preferences. Let’s take a look at some inspiring designs that can easily transform your home and even your lifestyle.

Office Splendour

Inspiring Wainscoting Ideas For Your Home

For a classy look, consider flat panel wainscoting for your home office. Shades that range from a natural brown to darker tones will enhance the privacy of your space. Built-in furniture with a similar motif will provide recesses and nooks for displaying and storing your items. Complete the look with carpeting or wooden flooring and also a warm lighting where appropriate. For a more eclectic feel, consider furniture pieces that are minimalistic in design.

Themed Wainscoting

You don’t have to be out on open waters to experience the feeling of sleeping in the belly of a ship. Warm tones and a selection of nautical or pirate-themed decorations will definitely tie in the entire concept. Darker-coloured horizontal wainscoting with ship board accents along the walls will do wonders. You can go all the way and add in lots of wooden fixtures and enhancements. If this is not for you, your children might just love it.

Personalise It

Inspiring Wainscoting Ideas For Your Home

Any living space can look fantastic with a bit of wainscoting. For a more traditional feel, you can consider customising your wainscoting panels. Small hints of colour will be more than enough as the emphasis will be placed on the details of the room rather than its entirety. Decals and personalised motifs will go a long way in defining any room in your home.

Tile Perfection

Tile wainscoting is commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens. Not only does it provide extra wall protection, it also serves to provide a smooth and finished pattern that can easily be washed and cleaned from time to time. Although it is more commonly applied to the bottom sections of the wall, you can also tile right up to the ceiling. There are plenty of tile designs and sizes to choose from so you’ll never have to worry about a lack of choice.

Conversational Piece

Inspiring Wainscoting Ideas For Your Home

Did you know that almost any kind of material can be used in the application of wainscoting? From wood panels to MDF boards and even tiles, the sky is practically the limit to what you can use to decorate your home. Ceilings are often neglected, but this doesn’t mean that it cannot become a feature point of a room. Using a shiny material like tin will definitely provoke a fascinating train of conversation.

All Round Wainscoting

Wainscoting a room is not limited to only the walls. For a cozy and finished look, you can always consider applying wainscoting to your ceilings.You can consider neutral tints or play it however you would like with a mixture of colours and even a fancy decoration or two. Bead board wainscoting delivers an outdoor feel without the inconvenience of actually being outdoors.

All The Right Places

Inspiring Wainscoting Ideas For Your Home

In case you’ve been wondering what to do with the curved section of your house, there’s always the choice of wainscoting. It might not necessarily require customised panels, but do check at your local hardware store. Instead of installing heavy masonry in your home, you can also consider using tiles to mimic the quality and feel at the fraction of the cost.

United Division

Inspiring Wainscoting Ideas For Your Home

The use of wainscoting in a space can be neatly divided by combining the effects of two different materials. If your dining space is actually in your kitchen, you can always use wooden panels for the eating area and tiles in the food preparation area. This idea is definitely not limited to your kitchen. You can easily apply this concept in any other part of your house.

Since wainscoting has been around for the longest time, you’ll definitely encounter your fair share of designs and applications. You can always choose a single theme for your entire house or decorate each room in a different manner. It’s really all up to you.

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