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Salt Lake City Downtown Farmer’s Market

Salt Lake City Downtown Farmer’s Market

Food is the best part of any traveling experience, especially when you are on a vacation. The cool weather, the fresh agricultural produce, biking trails, music, and wine make a visit to SLC Utah that perfect chill-out choice.

Through allthe buzz that Salt Lake City experiences throughout the year, one of the most popular annual events is the Downtown Farmer’s market, where people get to sell and buy some of the products that have been locally grown.

For a city which generally gets associated with art events and music concerts, not too many visitors happen to know unless they are visiting at the time. Farmer’s Market is a must-visit every month.


In all the years that the Downtown Farmer’s market of Salt Lake City has been in existence, its main aim and vision has been to:

  • Encourage inhabitants to know and buy more local produce
  • Improve on the access that urban areas have to healthy local food
  • Instill a sense of gathering within the local communities
  • Develop and maintain agriculture in the region

General Overview

When the concept of this market first originated in 1992, the thought process behind it was rather interesting. As compared to the general concept behind local markets like promoting local produce, this market was formed with the idea of keeping its location, the 10-acre Pioneer Park, free from the criminals. There have been problems.

Progressing with the Times

Carrying on in tandem with the original traditions, the farmers market saw quite an expansion as the years went by. It has been further divided into Downtown Farmer’s Market and Downtown Arts & Craft Market (both held every Saturday from June- October), Tuesday Farmer’s Market (August- October) and the Winter Market at Rio Grande (every Saturday from November- April).

Participants from as many as 16 counties in Utah and from well over 100 ranches and farms have turned up previously on these days where buyers and sellers vie with each other to grab the best deal for the produce. Apart from the expected goods from the farms, other products available on these days include things like handicrafts and locally made food and beverage items. No wonder the motto for this wonderful place is “Make it, Bake it, Grow it.”

Fast forward to 2017

After celebrating its silver jubilee in the previous year, this market looks forward to welcoming over 250 vendors of cooked food and local produce from around the region and over 130 artists who get a chance to sell their handicrafts. Shops and stalls will be open from 8am-2pm till the October 21 and there will also be a Harvest market from 4pm till dusk once we enter the month of August.

The major change

All the environmentalists will be beaming at this latest development at the Farmer’s market. With the commencement of this year’s edition, no more plastic bags. This is the latest step in the effort to minimalize wastage and reduce the number of plastics that go into landfills each year. This follows the well-received move from last year. Vendors were not allowed to sell beverages in plastic bottles.

The move this year sees around 20,000 reusable mesh bags that have been donated and are going to be available in the various booths for people who forget to get carry bags. The message that is being sent across to numerous visitors is to either carry their own bags or not forget to bring them on their next visit, much like in a departmental store.


There are going to be a number of nutritionists present from one of the more renowned institutions around to provide people with various nutritional information on the products being sold. This helps people develop good nutritional habits and also know about the produce at the same time.

To conclude

This event is one of the most entertaining of the year for a large segment of tourists. People get access to some of the best local produce and locally made food and handicrafts. The experience is also a true representation of the various cultures that call Salt Lake City their home as very few things unify a culture like food does. Visit here upcoming events in slc to know more.

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