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Desert Camping In Jaisalmer With Karni Desert Camps

Desert Camping In Jaisalmer With Karni Desert Camps

Jaisalmerin Rajasthan is one of the most exotic cities of India; it is famous for its fort built in 12th century by Rajputana rulers and various Havelis. Jaisalmer is also called “The Golden City” because it is surrounded by miles ofthe golden TharDesert and sand dunes. These sand dunes not only give Jaisalmer an identity but also project its name as one of the most beautiful and exotic tourist destination in India. Tourists from all over the world come to Jaisalmer to spend some quality time and experience the desert life.

There are many camping sites in Jaisalmer for tourists, Jaisalmer Desert Camps are the most famous and exotic of them all, and Karni camps offer the best service and wonderful experience of the Thar. The camp provides many adventurous activities as well as royal experience during the stay, activities like Camel Safari, Jeep Safari, and Listening to famous Rajasthani folk music and dance.

Jaisalmer’s Desert National Park is famous among tourist where youcan enjoy Jeep Safari in Jaisalmer in it and look and photograph beautiful wild animals. Desert National Park is also the home for rare species called Blackbucks.

Camps in Jaisalmer are special because it gives a royal and comfortable stay while doing various adventures. Karni desert camps of Jaisalmer provide a blissful escape from our stressful and busy everyday life. It not only provides relaxation to our body but also peace and calmness to our mind and soul.  

Adventurous Activities provided by Karni Camps

  • Jeep Safari- Karni camps provide tourists to experience Jeep safari. Jeep safari is considered as one of the most comfortable and fast ways to experience and explore the beauty of Jaisalmer.
  • Camel Safari-camel safari provided by Karni camps is a unique experience, what and be more joyful than sailing in the vast desert while riding the ship of the desert. The best time for camel safari is sunset and sunrise, during this time you can watch the sun kissing the horizon and bidding farewell to the beautiful sky. Camel safari gives a unique experience to watch ever changing colors of the beautiful city and desert of Jaisalmer.
  • Folk dance and music- Karni Camps have another reason that makes them the best of all. It gives a chance to tourists to listen and feel the beauty of the world famous Rajasthani folk music almost every evening. This music helps them to understand the stories of Jaisalmer and also relieves their stress and makes their minds fresh and happy.

Camping in Desert is a beautiful experience, and everyone should do it at least once in their lifetime. Camping inJaisalmer has more advantages because it gives the tourists an experience of both adventure and a chance to understand and know the great history of Rajasthan and its stories, and Karni Desert camps are best providers of this wonderful adventure.

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