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Electric Steam Steriliser

Why and How Should You Choose An Electric Steam Steriliser?

Sterilising baby-feeding equipment is an effective way to protect your baby against germs and infection. But, is sterilisation enough? What if the sterilizer you have chosen isn’t as effective as you think it to be? And what’s the solution to this problem?

Well! Choosing the right kind of steam steriliser, for e.g. Pigeon electric steam sterilizer is the key to ensure that your baby’s bottles and teats are free of harmful bacteria.

Benefits of electric steam sterilizer as compared to other types:

There are three types of sterilisers:

  • Electric
  • Cold Water
  • Microwave

There are several reasons why electric steam sterilisers are considered to be the best. First, you don’t need to use any chemical-based solution or rinse repeatedly to complete the process. Electric sterilisers such as the Pigeon electric steam sterilizer are easy to use and are just required to be plugged in an electric socket.

The bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms are killed due to steam-generated heat. It takes six to fifteen minutes for this process to get completed. The effect of sterilization remains for up to twelve hours with the lid closed. Electric sterilisers are more convenient as they allow you to sterilise more number of items at one go.

Unlike microwave-based sterilization, items with any metal component can be safely sterilized in an electric steam sterilizer. Further, as there’s no requirement to use sterilising tablets as is the case with cold water sterilization, there’s no residual smell or taste which may be unappetizing for your baby.

How to buy an electric steam steriliser?

There are several pointers that you should consider while buying an electric steam steriliser. Here’s a list that will help you choose better.

  1. Capacity: Depending upon the number of baby-feeding items you use, you may buy sterilisers ranging from hinges for two to eight bottles.
  2. Shape of bottles: Keep in mind that standard bottles require lesser space as compared to wide-necked bottles.
  3. Type of baby-feeding: Formula-feeding your baby requires frequent use of bottles as compared to expressing your breast milk. It means you would need to sterilise the bottles often and you should buy a steriliser which accommodates more number of baby-feeding items at one go. If you express breast milk to feed the baby, you will need steriliser for sterilising bottles, breast pumps and dummies.
  4. Space and Portability: Choose a sterilizer that fits the spatial limitations of your kitchen. Also, it should be light-weight so that you can easily carry it around and keep it where it is most convenient for you to use it.
  5. Features: Sterilisers like Pigeon electric steam sterilizer are available with some additional features such as:
  • Automatic switch-off/alarm when sterilisation is complete
  • Accessory tray (preferably reversible)
  • Water-filter to control limescale
  • Tongs and bottle brushes

So, ask your retailer or read the product description online to know the extra features that the steriliser has. Looking for quality electric steam sterilisers at reasonable prices? Log on to now!

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