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8 Zenspiring Reasons To Sustain A Minimalist Condo For Lease

Do you want to gain more when you lease your condo? Here’s a smart piece of advice: go minimalist. The minimalist style for condo has constantly been a hot trend, and recent years have seen its popularity grow. In fact, minimalism has attracted important movers and shakers like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, both of whom are noted for advocating smart simplicity.

Because of the many benefits of minimalism, it’s not surprising that many condo owners and renters choose it to attain a stylish and functional condo style. From providing more space to allowing room for creativity, there are plenty of reasons why more people are adopting minimalist design. Here are the 8 inspiring reasons why minimalist designs for condo is seriously worth your investment.

  1. Your space can look more sophisticated and expensive-looking

A minimalistic condo setup allows you to have a sophisticated and expensive-looking space. You can achieve the high-end look with ease because you focus on simple, quality pieces. When you clutter your condo space with unnecessary things, it can feel suffocating and tacky for a prospective renter or buyer. The clutter becomes an eyesore that can be off-putting. Remember that a disorderly condo is never elegant. When you go minimalist, you can immediately transform the space into becoming a posh living environment. Start by replacing old furniture and banishing unnecessary ones to upgrade the overall ambiance of your space.

  1. You end up saving without appearing cheapskate

Even if you’re on a tight budget, investing in a minimalist condo design can actually help you save without compromising style. It’s usually buying too many cheap furnishings that leads you to spending more and making your space less desirable. Don’t despair if you’re working within a small budget because there are a lot of places where you can get great-looking and reasonably-priced minimalist items. There are thrift stores, flea markets, and Ebay to hunt for well-made pieces. You can even score great deals if you keep your eyes open for yearly sales in fancy furniture stores.

  1. You can easily play with color

Experimenting with minimalist style allows you to dramatically play with color without having to do something drastic like repainting your condo wall. Many renters want to personalize the condo space by painting the walls with their own choice of color. However, like many landlords, you probably are not comfortable with the idea of allowing a renter to do something drastic in terms of design. A way around this is to go minimalist and paint some furniture instead. Painting big pieces like a desk, armoire or a chair with a bold color is a classic minimalist technique that can brighten up a blah condo space.

  1. Your condo will look more spacious

Many tenants want a condo space that looks bigger than it actually is, and nothing can eat up space more than failing to address the problem of clutter. A cluttered space reduces the potential value of a small condo space, making it unappealing and mediocre for renters. Adopting a minimalist style will make your condo space bigger. Your minimalist condo can attract higher income individuals and families who are willing to pay extra for comfort. With the extra space, prospective tenants can be more agreeable to your asking price. In fact, because your condo is now more spacious, you’re in a better business position to demand a slightly higher rental price than average.

  1. Your space can be more homey with greens

A modern, minimalist condo style is significantly about having a breathable space. And what better way to make your condo look fresh and breezy than with plants? Choose those that are easy to maintain, such as succulents and air plants. Replace artificial plants with real ones to make your space feel authentic. You can also opt to decorate with flowers to give the impression of a classy ambiance. A simple flower arrangement can powerfully elevate a living room, allowing you to create a homey vibe with less decorative items.

  1. You can have a functional space with space-saving furniture

A minimalist condo interior allows you to keep things in order with double-purpose furniture. For example, a functional and stylish side table can store items such as magazines and even cleaning materials while a lamp can sit on the top surface. Investing in space-saving furniture is a great idea to create a serene space and to sustain a neat living environment. Whether it’s for the kitchen, living room or bedroom, a minimalist style works well to keep your condo practical, beautiful, and inviting for prospective tenants.

  1. You inspire renters to inject their own style

Minimalism makes for a stylish condo for lease because it encourages prospective renters to use it as foundation to create their own space. The opportunity to personalize a space is lost if you have a disorderly place. With minimalism, you can make your space more appealing and encouraging for tenants. Think of it as an inspirational blank canvas on which a tenant can artistically create their own beautiful image. With a minimalist condo, expect to quickly tap the interest of renters looking for a place full of possibilities.

  1. The space looks brighter and positive

It’s highly unlikely that there is tenant who would want a condo style that is gloomy and depressing. To avoid making your space feel negative, adopt a minimalist motif when it comes to lighting. Lighting can make a huge difference in terms of making your condo feel positive and vibrant. Instead of using heavy curtains, decorate your windows minimally with soft and sheer fabrics to let natural light in. Also, consider replacing glaring white fluorescents with warm LED lights and install a dimmer for better lighting control.

Whether your goal is to lease or sell your condo, a minimalist aesthetic can make your space more enticing and valuable. Just remember that less is more and that focusing key pieces can save you time and money without compromising style and comfort. Creating a minimalist space is not difficult at all! With easy minimalist design improvements, you can effectively convince prospective tenants that your condo is the next stylish home they’re looking for.

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