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Clothing Guide For The Wedding Season

We all love weddings. There is absolutely no doubt about that. Irrespective of the belief, we make it a point to attend all weddings and it is our time to shine. Weddings in India are extremely important and it holds a great emphasis in our culture. It is also a chance for to deck up and be glam. Indian Weddings are colourful, blingy, shiny and very interesting. Here, you can find the latest fashions sported by many people who attend it. Weddings are a matter of status, meet and greet and style. Hence, people leave no chance to doll up for the occasion. Not to forget, everyone needs to look good in pictures.

Weddings demand months of preparation and it includes planning and implementation in several aspects, starting from decoration, food, rituals and finally clothing. Clothing is such a huge part of a wedding. It could be for anyone, the bride, the groom, the family members and the near and dear ones. For those who are closely involved in the wedding process often follow a colour code to bring uniformity. Clothing can also depend on the theme that is being followed for the wedding like an ocean theme or a beach wedding. In this article, you will get to know how you can jazz up your wedding attire with absolute ease.

Traditional clothes have a whole lot of options. Once you are hooked into buying these varieties of clothing, you are bound to never stop. There are so many fabric options, clothes options and accessories that you would have in your wardrobe. When it comes to weddings, there can be a lot of options to choose from. It can be very overwhelming but the variety gives you more freedom to pick out something that suits your requirements and budget. The budget is a crucial factor here. It is always possible to achieve the desired wedding attire in a limited budget. You just have to go to the right place or the right person.

Getting started:

If you are attending a friend or a close relative’s wedding, the first thing you must do is count the number of occasions or functions in the wedding. Then according to customs, trends and discussions you can choose what you would like to wear and how. Second, focus on versatility. You must tailor your clothes in a way that it does not look poorly fitted on you. Whatever you wear must look good on you. Third, mix it up. Why wear only one kind of dress? Try to bring a different style to each function. Here are some options you could try:

  1. Sari: A sari never goes out of fashion. It is very fashionable, classy and very elegant. It enhances the beauty of every woman who wears it. There are so many fabrics you can choose from. There are simple cotton saris, Banarasi and Kancheepuram saris, traditional Kerala saris, designer saris and many more. Take a look at what appeals to you the most and pick it up.
  2. Lehenga: A bit on the grander side, this is a perfect style for weddings. It comes in various designs and they stand out of the usual.
  3. Churidhar: The simple salwar kameez can be made grand by the use of interesting borders, sequins and tassels. If you are not feeling too blingy, stick with a plain, well-stitched churidhar. It never goes out of style.
  4. Anarkali: These came in and never went out of fashion. Anarkali churidar online shopping has so many options to choose from.

Start prepping, dress up in style and be glamourous!

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