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4 Stylish Winter Essentials You Should Buy Now

4 Stylish Winter Essentials You Should Buy Now

With reports of freezing winter days on the horizon, it is a perfect time to reorganize our wardrobes. We have been waiting months for the temperature to drop, and it just got real. Even though you probably want to stay in your bed, your kids or partner won’t let you. Here are the winter fashion essentials you will need to survive the upcoming cold days. Stocking your wardrobe with these pieces will help you go from work to home while staying beautiful, stylish and warm. The most important tip for this winter: layer!


Since looking fascinating while managing the freezing temperatures is rather challenging, we have found that turtlenecks of all sizes and shapes can be our best friend. They are a winter staple, so you should definitely update your wardrobe with at least one turtleneck. You can find them in so many chic designs, colors, fabrics and pattern, so that you can easily choose the one that fits your personality and style the best.

You can wear your turtleneck underneath your bomber jacket, tuck it into a patent miniskirt and finish the look with an unexpected appearance of sandals and socks. For those days when it is particularly cold, you can layer your turtleneck underneath your puffy jacket. For more formal look, you can wear it also with a classy coat,
pants and heels.


On those freezing morning when we can’t seem to pull ourselves out of bed, a warm and chic sweater is our ultimate go-to. This season, you can find so many stylish designs to rock this season. From the ribbed sweater to classic crew neck sweater to the tattered and patterned sweater, many fashion designers and online retailers have made it simple for women to find the best cut for their figure. Cropped sweaters are definitely for the ladies who dare to bare a little bit of midriff.

The detailed ones are one of the most beautiful you can find. You can find so many interesting and eye-catching sweaters with pearl, crystal, sequin or feather details. For ultra chic look, pair this sweater style with some cat eye sunglasses. If you want to follow the fashion trends, you should ensure your knits are up to date.


You can easily make a statement with a sweater dress. They are great for work or dates. You just need to wear it right and you will look sophisticated and sleek. Choose a dress that is just about the knee or mid-thigh, because showing more leg helps you off set any bulkiness in the sweater.

Black dresses hide features, while white ones accentuate them. Tights or leggings always make a great bottom to go with a nice sweater dress. Over-the- knee boots look fabulous with this type of dresses. You can also pair your dress with some interesting socks. If your dress is too short, you can belt it and wear it with your favorite skinny jeans, boots, and handbag or purse.


Beanies can be our saving grace during the cold winter season. But, we never seem to look as cool as those girls in the magazines. Here are some tips to look fabulous while wearing your beanie.

Beanie and loose locks. For a slightly undone finish, shake up your strands and slip on your chic hat.

Beanie and bangs. Show off your fringe by slightly pushing your hat back towards your crown.

Beanie with hair tucked in. When you don’t have time to wash your hair, you can cover it up completely with beanie.

Beanie and side-swept hair. Beanies look stylish on longer lengths, but they can be worn on short-to- medium length hair by using bobby pins or hairspray to keep everything in place.

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