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IT Professional and Health Issues and How To Avoid Them

IT Professional and Health Issues and How To Avoid Them

IT professionals spend a great deal of time working on computer systems and various kinds of electronic devices. They are involved in managing technological projects, configuring applications and monitoring networks and this requires them to look at screens for long stretches of time.  Moreover even if they are at home, emergency situations may require them to operate computers.  Extended periods of time on computer systems can definitely prove harmful for the health.  This can lead to several problems which are experienced by a great number of IT professionals. Some of them are given as follows:

  • Heart problems

IT Professional and Health Issues and How To Avoid Them

Most IT jobs require professionals to sit and according to research, the risk of heart diseases is heightened in those who spend a lot of time sitting.  Sedentary lifestyle too contributes to the same due to lack of physical activity. To avoid this, IT professionals must make it a point to take short breaks and walks in between work hours. They must try and include as much physical activity in their routine as possible, such as walking or cycling to work and taking the steps rather than the elevator.

  • Deficiency of Vitamin D

IT Professional and Health Issues and How To Avoid Them

Another common health problem which is seen rising among IT professionals is deficiency of Vitamin D.  We get vitamin D through sun exposure and working long hours in cubicles, away from natural light can create its deficiency.  Vitamin D’s lack can lead to several health problems like bone diseases, joint pains and certain cancers as well. To avoid this, IT professionals must try to get as much sun exposure as possible through small outdoor breaks and can also try taking Vitamin D tablets and  health checkup regular basis.

  • Stress, anxiety and depression

IT Professional and Health Issues and How To Avoid Them

Several research works have shown a direct connection between long computer hours and depression. IT workers obviously spend several hours in front of computer screens and this involves dealing with disaster management and crisis management as well. This along with pressure of meeting deadlines and getting promotions can make their lives pretty stressful. Stress further results in anxiety which is not good for health.  Limiting computer usage especially during non work hours and making out time for things you love can help avoid this health problem. There are many forms of yoga exercises which professionals can try doing while in their offices.

  • Insomnia

IT Professional and Health Issues and How To Avoid Them

Ofcourse, long computer hours can lead to insomnia or other forms of sleep problems. Staring at a screen before bedtime can decrease the production of melatonin which a hormone that helps you sleep.  Insomnia can further lead to many health problems. It is thus a good idea to avoid using computers or other forms of screen for an hour before sleeping.

  • Lower back pain

IT Professional and Health Issues and How To Avoid Them

IT professionals tend to slouch in their chairs during office hours and this can directly lead to lower back pain and back pain.  Moreover this contributes to bad posture which can be difficult to correct.   To avoid this kind of pain and bad posture, IT professionals must always be conscious about how they sit and whether their posture while working is correct.  If it helps, they can try using a pillow behind their back.

  • Vision problems

IT Professional and Health Issues and How To Avoid Them

Working long hours on the computer can cause eye and vision problems. It leads to strain, headaches and eye pains.  Over a period of time the eyesight can get weak and may deteriorate as well. One may face vision problems which may be hard to reverse. It is recommended that one follows the 20/20/20 rule which means that a person, after 20 minutes of computer work should look at an object 20 feet away for about 20 seconds.

  • Thrombosis

IT Professional and Health Issues and How To Avoid Them

Thrombosis or deep vein thrombosis is the formation of blood clots which can reach the brain and lungs and may lead to pulmonary embolisms and stroke.  Long hours of computer work and a generally sedentary lifestyle can be responsible for causing this problem.  This is why IT professionals commonly suffer from it.  Short breaks between long work hours are thus encouraged and recommended.  One may make it a point to stand, take a walk, flex muscles etc every once in a while too.

In our busy lifestyles and back to back duties, these problems are expected to come up. This is why people living in cities with IT companies such as Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai are more at a risk. Make sure you avoid them as much as possible by following the tips that have been given above. Moreover, look for reasonably priced health packages and get health checkups done on a regular basis.

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