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Prepare For Liftoff!: Wonderful Reasons On Why You Should Try To Travel by Helicopter

A helicopter is a pinnacle of aerodynamic sciences. With an array of rotary parts, sophisticated balance and weight, and control surfaces, it is not an affordable aircraft to purchase and operate. On the bright side, helicopters are extraordinarily versatile aircraft which offers exclusive benefits when it comes to travel, and choppers are rapidly gaining popularity in the international scene.

The fun and thrill of a chopper flight undoubtedly dominate that of flying by way of a plane. The unfamiliar feeling of lifting off vertically and the sound of the rotors are few of the things that you need to experience in your lifetime.

Thanks to the proliferation of helicopter charter services that we ordinary people will now be able to feel the excitement of riding in a helicopter. Here are the  five reasons why we should charter a private chopper at least once:

It Will Help You Get Faster to Your Destination

The typical flying speed of a chopper is around 160 miles per hour which is quite faster than you could ever drive legally on a highway.  Travelling via helicopter also means that you will be able to save a reasonable amount of time since you will be able to move swiftly without the trouble of getting stuck in a massive traffic.

It Will Have You Get to Enjoy the Benefit of Sightseeing

Prepare For Liftoff!: Wonderful Reasons On Why You Should Try To Travel by Helicopter

The event that you can sit in a fantastic helicopter passenger seat is one of the best feelings you could ever have. The seat of a chopper charter flights has enormous windows granting passengers to take amusement while flying above the ground.

In this manner, you will get the feeling of enjoyment while seeing the amazing landscape below while you are on your way to your destination.

It Can Take You to Other Places

Perhaps the enormous advantage of a helicopter compared to airplanes is its ability to take flight vertically.

The chopper does not need a runway to gather speed and fly at all. It only needs to lift off which makes it possible for you to land in remote locations, mountaintops, backyards, yachts, and much more.

There are also several exclusive hotels, amphitheater or stadium, and other entertainment venues with helipads for special guests. As such, getting off a helicopter will undoubtedly make way for you to create a fantastic entrance.

You Will Get the Treatment That of a VIP

The elegance of a private air travel is that it only focuses on you as it uses fixed based operators which offers luxurious amenities like snacks, private concierge or a bar. Also, when you charter a private chopper or jet, you save yourself from waiting in the middle of extended lines for security in the congested commercial airline terminals.

It Will Take You to Your Destination With Flair

In contrast to popular belief, the helicopters are no longer reserved only for the affluent and famous. More and more helicopter charter flights like MicroFlite which grants travel lovers and businesspeople to experience the thrill of sitting in a helicopter seat.

The next time you plan to establish an important business meeting with your business partners or to schedule a night out of town, try booking a chopper ride in a nearby operator. Chances are, you will be able to score an excellent business deal by sharing a copter ride with your people with style.


In conclusion, it is true that helicopter flight has become a comfortable and conducive medium of transportation here and now. A helicopter charter flight may not be cheap and affordable as we think it is, but regardless you are on a date, on an adventure, or going to a business meeting, flying by way of a chopper ride will be able to provide you with a lifetime of exciting and joyous experience. And the beautiful feeling of riding on a copter is priceless and cannot be paid by any amount of cash.

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