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Make Promises With Rose Gold Promise Ring

Make Promises With Rose Gold Promise Ring

Rings are there to make a promise. A promise ring is a concept which was made to make a promise. Any promise it can be. But yes, these rings mainly have a romantic inclination to it. It is mainly given by an individual to their partners and along with that a promise is made. Either that promise can be marriage in near future or to be committed to each other or a symbol of loyalty or any other thing. But that should definitely be a promise.

There are varieties of such rings available, and among them, rose gold promise ring is quite popular. One can gift this ring to their partners to make a promise.

Buy rose gold promise rings for her

If your girlfriend is fond of sleek designs, then you can choose a rose gold ring for her as a gift. It signifies love and also this ring is exchanged between a couple to pledge their love for each other. One thing has to be remembered. A promise ring should always come along with a promise. Though these rings may look like an engagement ring, but it is not an engagement ring. One can give rose gold ring to their partner as a pre-engagement ring though if they want to make a promise that they will marry their partner in near future. Apart from the promise of marriage, one can also go for other commitments through these rings like quitting smoking or drinking or any other habit which does not make their partner happy and cause harm in their relationships.

Make it special by buying gold promise rings for girlfriend

If you really want to make a promise and want to give your partner this ring, then try and make it special. If you buy a gold ring, then wrap it up carefully and then gift it in a romantic way. You can also take your partner for a candle light dinner and there you can give it to them. You do not have to go down on your knees and present it to your girlfriend as this is not a marriage proposal but that does not mean that you will not make an extra effort to make the occasion special.

When should you give a rose gold promise ring?

Well, if you are confused about when to give this ring, then here are some situations that might help.

  • You feel so much love for your partner that you want to promise your feeling for them.
  • Right now, you are not ready to get engaged or married but someday near future you definitely want to settle down with your partner.
  • You are ready to make a commitment and want to promise your loyalty to your partner.
  • You are going to give up something for the sake of your relationship.


If you get a promise ring from your loved one, then do not wear it on your ring finger. Save it for the day when he/ she is going to propose marriage to you.

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