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Possible Health Risks of Owning Smartphones

Smartphones are inescapable fact in modern life. Although some premium models can be somewhat prohibitively expensive, many low-end models are available for around $100 and some can be nearly free with on-contract agreement. With the pervasive availability of smartphones for nearly everyone, it is important for us to consider possible health risks of using smartphones excessively. We should be aware that there could be various health problems that can be caused by excessive smartphones usages. In this case, we should know that smartphones can be used by elderly, small children and pregnant women. They are often considered as high-risk individuals.

In general, smartphones are considered safe if we use them properly. However, they are obviously not fool proof and their effects could depend on how we use them. In general, children could be more susceptible for common hazards, compared to adults. In this case, it should be important to know about the potential dangers of smartphones. As an example, pregnant women and children could be more susceptible to various health hazards caused by excessive smartphone usages. As a result, it is important to make sure that parents understand about all the possible dangers.

Smartphones could easily be found around the house and this could represent choking hazard among children. Smartphones are consisted of different removable parts. It means that children may ingest them and suffocation may happen if their airways are blocked. In this case, phones with removable plastic and rubber pieces must be immediately avoided. This could be a quite big deal among many people, especially if they have very active children who regularly put something into their mouth. In any case, parents should make sure that children can be kept safe. Sometimes, accidents could go unnoticed. Some smartphones have unibody chassis and non-removable battery. It is a better solution for many families.

Another significant risk of smartphone usage is cancer and it could be caused by close proximity with the antenna component. When using smartphones, people hold them close to their ears. Electromagnetic frequency placed close to our brain for a long period of time may cause a variety of health risks. Fortunately, there are many things we can do to avoid such a thing. Many new phones are equipped with loud speakers, so we could consider using them. Alternatively, we could use earphone, if we want some privacy and don’t want people to overhear our conversation. By putting the phone farther away from our head, we could get more reassurance that we will be safer.

Another health hazard of owning a smartphone is the possible electric shock. New smartphones could have powerful batteries and they could deliver enough electric shock. Phone that’s plugged into the wall could have more electrical current. With improper usage, adults could shock themselves when using smartphones. It is true that DC current delivered from microUSB port won’t cause significant harm, but there are more than a few cases of electrocution when dealing with the wall socket.

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