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What Flower Arrangement Means While Gifting

Flowers are not only used for their aesthetic beauty and appearance. Flowers also have the ability to transform an ambience. Their beauty can enhance moods, liven up surroundings and augment emotions as well.

That is why flowers form such an important part of occasions such as weddings, birthdays, parties, funerals, etc. Moreover flowers are excellent gifts that can be presented in a variety of shapes, arrangements, consisting of different flower combinations, etc. Different flower arrangements mean something different and depending on the occasion, one can send online flowers to India in different arrangements of bouquets, baskets or wreaths.

Origins of Flower Arrangement

Flower designing has its origins in China where they would arrange flowers to decorate homes in water filled containers. Likewise, the rest of the world used flowers in wreaths, garlands, and using flower petal for decoration. However meaningful flower arrangement found its roots in Japan when the Japanese learned of the Chinese method of flowers put in water containers. World over, there are three main schools of flower arrangement,

  1. Oriental arrangement – Oriental flower arrangement focuses on linear arrangement of flowers. The Japanese Ikebana flower arrangement is a classic example where flowers are placed according to measured scale and linear form.
  2. Western arrangement – The western methodology includes putting together many different flowers in a bunch – a mass arrangement. The hand bouquet is a type of western floral arrangement.
  3. Modern arrangement – The modern approach to floral arrangement has no rules at all and it completely depends on the taste and the skill of the designer.

What Flower Arrangement Means While Gifting

Gifting flowers

When considering gifting flowers to friends’ family or loved ones, one can choose the type of flower arrangement depending upon who the gift is meant for.  Similarly, one can choose particular flowers to express their emotions as different flowers have meaning. Using online gifting, one can send flowers to Kolkata or any other city in India by browsing through the product categories listed.

However, it is better if one knows what type of flower arrangement to gift for which occasion and person.


Floral bouquets are mostly used for personal gifting. While sending bouquets to a loved one, family or a friend one can choose flowers like roses, carnations, gerberas, daisies in colours of red, yellow, pink, white and orange that signify love, friendship, admiration, new beginnings and youth respectively.

Table centrepieces

While gifting flowers to an elderly lady like a mother or a mother-in-law, aunt, etc. a low bunched arrangement for a table centrepiece is ideal.

Floral baskets

The versatility that floral baskets provide make them ideal gifts for any number of people for occasions and festivals like birthdays, weddings, Christmas, mother’s day, Diwali, Durga Pooja, etc.

Floral wreaths

Wreaths are flowers arranged in a circular shape. Flowers, along with foliage are arranged to make a ring that can be hung. Wreaths indicate celebration and are mostly used during Christmas and Thanksgiving. However, one should be careful while choosing the flowers and their colour as while flowered wreaths are used for funerals signifying honour for the deceased.

Sending flowers to India online is a very convenient way to gift flower whether one is in or settled outside the country. Let flowers express your emotions for loved ones.

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