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7 Famous Places To Visit In Secunderabad

7 Famous Places To Visit In Secunderabad

Secunderabad, located in the state of Telangana, is said to be the twin city of Hyderabad. It is named after SikandarJah who was the third Nizam of AsafJahi dynasty.

Spanish Mosque: This is also known as the mosque of the Moors. It is said to be one of the prime attractions of the city. This mosque is situated in the Begumpet Township. In the year 1906, this mosque was made by Nawab Sir IqbalUdDaula who was the PaigahNawab. The structure of the mosque follows the Hispanic style of architecture. The basement of the mosque is constructed with the lime mortar by the stone masonries and the entire building is built with bricks above that lime mortar. Lime concretes are also used.

Trimulgherry Fort: This is another architectural marvel of this city and is a must visit for the tourists. This fort was built in the year 1867 in the area of cantonment. The fort is surrounded by a canal which is 4.82 km deep and it also encloses a lot of barracks, mess houses, stables, arsenals and military offices. Earlier this was used as a garrison fort and at present it has been transformed as a military hospital.

UjjainiMahankali Temple: This is one of the most visited and celebrated temples in the state of Andhra Pradesh and most people visit Secunderabad to offer prayers in this temple. This temple is built for goddess Kali and there is a huge idol of Kali inside the temple. The temple was built in the year 1815 and the annual Bonalu festival is conducted in the premise of this temple where a huge crowd is observed every year.

All Saint’s Church: This church is located in the township of Trimulgherry, and it was built around the year 1860. This was built in Gothic style architecture and it was once built by Queen Elizabeth on the year 1983. This is at present a popular tourist place in Secunderabad.

SayedaniMaa Tomb: This one is also known as the MaaSahebaKaDarga or the SaidaniMaa Ki Darga and it is a major attraction in Secunderabad. It is located in the northern end of the Tank Bund. This is a mausoleum which was made by Nawab Abdul HaqDiler in remembrance of his mother, MaaSaheba. This tomb definitely has a Mughal style of architecture and it was constructed in the year of 1883.

Victorian Prison: If you are in Secunderabad, then you have to visit this place. This was made during the time of British rule in India and this was used as confinement quarters for many years.

Jama Masjid: There is another Jama Masjid in Secunderabad which is definitely not as popular as the one in Delhi but is a major tourist attraction in the city. This is the oldest mosque located in the city and it was built in the year 1597 by Muhammad QuliQutub Shah.

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