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Can Vegans Succeed In Sports?

It is important for to succeed well in sports and we can achieve this, even if we don’t eat meat and dairy products. Many people believe that vegans don’t have the necessary stamina and strength to excel in sports. However, this belief is actually based on false assumption. It is true that there are nearly no vegans who are famous in the sporting endeavours. In reality, there are far fewer vegans in the world of sports; so statistically, we see almost no champ, who is a vegan. Sports are more likely about focus, motivation and dedication; instead of what we eat. Not many people have the right genetics to make them real champs.

Many top sports professionals are single-minded when achieving their goals. It is likely that they refuse to let other things to get in their way. In fact, many people are willing to give up leisure time, friendship and family life. Some of them are so passionate that they are willing to consume risky performance-enhancing drugs. Over-training could also make them vulnerable to injuries and diseases, due to the suppressed immune system. Athletes who punish their body continuously in competition and training have higher risks of arthritis. Winning is their sole goal and it is everything for them. They behave and think like fanatics.

Due to misconceptions about the necessity of meat and dairy products; many athletes think that they can’t afford to change their lifestyle. There are actually some vegans who beat meat eaters consistently. Mac Danzig grabbed the King of the Cage title, although he was a vegan. He thrived and prospered, although there are no meat and dairy products in their diet. Carl Lewis said that after following a vegan diet, he was able to achieve best performances. Scott Jurek won the gruelling Badwater Ultra marathon twice that was held over a 135-mile course that starts from Death Valley to the Mount Whitney Portal.

So, it is possible for vegans to become champions in both endurance and sprinting events. But, how about vegan athletes in strength-focused sports? It is also possible for them to build up huge muscle bulk and formidable strength by being vegans. There are many vegans who train properly with weights. A world class female powerlifter, Pat Reeves, was vegan; so was Jane Black, an Olympic weight lifter who set various records in numerous lifting events. Many men are concerned that they can’t get enough of their usual share of slaughterhouse products. It takes more effort to bring out truth to them, but they can read various bodybuilding forums from vegans and get enough information or success stories from real, vegan practitioners.

There are plenty of vested interests in the milk and meat industries; so some people could actually hide specific important facts. Athletes who really belief in achieving healthy lifestyle through physical activities and good food; should make a gradual transition to a real vegan diet. Proper diet for vegans can be bristling with energy and nutrients to keep even the most enthusiastic athletes productive and healthy.

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