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Difference Between Airsoft and Paintball

We have seen numerous masked people running around while shooting on one another. To the inexperienced, airsoft and paintball are nearly identical, with one using paint-filled balls and the other use small plastics as bullets. In reality, they are quite different. The biggest difference between the two is the guns used. Airsoft can be used for other purposes, such as tournament play, simple can shooting, backyard wars and simple target practice. In this case, airsoft guns are more versatile and can be used for various purposes. The other thing that we should consider is maintenance. Paintball guns can get dirty more easily and without proper cleaning it can jam. It is also necessary to clean up paints if we play on the backyard. Paintballs need to be stored in the fridge, because they can melt in warm, humid environment.

With quality airsoft guns, we only need to clear the occasional jam and routine task that we need to do is to charge the battery. It is clear that cost is an essential factor when deciding whether we should choose paintball and airsoft. Costs related to guns, ammunition and accessories are also needed. For high quality guns, we could spend anywhere between $150 and $1200. If we choose carefully, it is actually possible to get good paintballs or airsoft guns for less than $200. It is likely that we will play with a team, so we will need to buy mask, paintball uniform and some extra hoppers. Basic equipments could cost us additional $200. Ammunition for paintball guns is usually more expensive than the one for airsoft.

There are airsoft and paintball tournaments, but long story short; there are more tournaments for paintball players. At the moment, paintball is considered as a type of sports; since players often need to run around to attack other players or defend themselves. There are fewer organized events for airsoft players. In airsoft sessions, players also move around a lot; but because the area used is often quite large, it can be a more comprehensive game. It can be played on the wilderness or local woods. Airsoft players often use more tactics and strategy than paintball players. They often use more accessories for their guns, such as optical sights, grips, variety of stocks and others.

Some people want to inflict as much pain as possible to others; while others don’t. Paintball is clearly a more painful game. Although paintballs travel at lower speed, the bigger surface area could transfer more energy when they hit our skin. Point blank hits can sting like crazy. Airsoft guns fire bullets at much faster speed, but it can be deflected easily by thicker clothes and helmet. In general, both airsoft and paintball are fun. They should be the game we play with our friends. We can play anywhere and often they can be considered as a form of sports. It is not uncommon for people to play five airsoft or paintball sessions.

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