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Do You Have A Crush On Rice Check Out The Popular Dishes Then!

Do You Have A Crush On Rice? Check Out The Popular Dishes Then!

Many of you might be having a special corner for rice right? Be it youngsters, kids, old people or a person of any age group; everyone has delight for rice items. Of course, it is not just about white rice but about plenty of other rice dishes too. There are plenty of rice types that make people feel delectable and scrumptious.

Actually you know what; rice is one of the main cereals in India.  It is scattered in almost all areas of the country. Thereis plenty of rice dishes made regionally.  the most famous variety of rice eatables are like pulao, biryani,  tempered rice dishes such as curd rice, lemon rice,  ghee rice  and so on. If you step in south India, you can witness flavoured rice dishes prepared of diverse ingredients such as tamarind, coconut, peanuts, spice mixtures, sesame seeds, ghee, tomatoes, and curd and so on. The most exciting part of preparing any dish with rice is that one can always use her choice of veggies, spices and herbs.

Hyderabad veg biryani

This is undoubtedly one of the most famous veg biryani in India.  It is an authentic vegetable biryani that is slow cooked on dum. The preparation on dum gives the biriyani its distinctness and scrumptiousness. It is how exactly the biryani has the gorgeous medley of the fragrances, flavours and tastes produced by mixingof ingredients used in preparing it.

Masala rice

It is a delicacy from Maharashtra prepared with plenty of spices and vegetables. The dish is tasty and deliciously filled with handpicked spices. Once you dive into this masala rice dish, you end up with so much of crispiness, savour and of course tang!

Vegetable pulao

Talking about this pulao, it is a meal that is always tops the list when you don’t have the time to do elaborate cooking.  Just mingle this mildly flavoured perfumed veg pulao with any type of a raita, roasted papad and pickle   and you are going to have a delectable time.  Pulao lovers can also munch on different popular variations like veg pulao cooked in pressure cooker, spicy veg pulao, chanapulao, Kashmiri pulao, matarpulao and so on.

Veg Fried Rice

This is undoubtedly one of the favourite Indo-Chinese dishes of people, right?  If you are preparing this dish, you can keep the level of spices as per your taste and convenience. Many people keep the level of spices maintained. Whereaspeople who love spices and chillies are always up for adding an extra pinch of flavours, spices and chillies. The dish can be both chilli some or chilli-less. The beauty is that in both the cases, the rich dish is absolutely scrumptious.

Jeera rice  

Slightly spiced and flavourful Indian rice eatable flavoured with cumin. It is one of the most famous rice dishes in the restaurants.  There are plenty of individuals who prefer to have jeera rice instead of the plain basmati rice to get along with dals or curry eatables. Of course, people do prepare it at home to for a scrumptious time.

So, you need to dip in the realm of rice if you really have a crush on them!

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