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Exploring Rustic And Modern Bedroom Design Themes

The bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s the special place where you can freely shed your inhibitions and let go of life’s stressors. Make it a conducive sleeping area with the best bedroom accessories, and an ideal place for relaxation with an appealing interior design. Two of the top design themes today are the rustic farmhouse and modern styles. The former is identified with old world elements such as driftwood and repurposed furniture, while the latter is all about flawless architecture and minimalism. Can you mix both design styles? This brief review of the two design themes may help you decide.

Charming, Worn-out Look

Exploring Rustic And Modern Bedroom Design Themes

A rustic bedroom design is associated with farmhouse living and the French country. The most important element of this theme is wood. Reclaimed wood is used for ceiling, beams, walls, and flooring. For a more affordable option, you can use wooden planks as wall décor and incorporate wooden or stained furniture pieces. A high-quality mattress in Darwin matched with chic bed sheets in neutral colors will complete your comfy, rustic-themed bedroom.

Elegant Antique Pieces

Exploring Rustic And Modern Bedroom Design Themes

The rustic theme is one that doesn’t go out of style. It’s probably the design that has the longest history dating back in the medieval period. This style remains and will remain, trendy. For a gorgeous period-inspired bedroom, add antique décors such as a stunning chandelier or an elegant Baroque-style mirror. These pieces go well with wooden Darwin bedroom furniture.

An Atmosphere of Nostalgia and Calm

Exploring Rustic And Modern Bedroom Design Themes

Different cultures have varying versions of the rustic theme. There’s the French farmhouse living and the Scandinavian minimalist style. If you’re opting for rustic, always remember to use organic materials such as wood and stones. “The more natural these elements appear to be, the easier it is to find and maintain a cohesive contemporary rustic style throughout the entire space,” according to Homedit. Use furniture and décor that exude feelings of calm and nostalgia. Some homeowners built a wall gallery of vintage artworks, photos, and memorabilia. Other refurbish old dressers and chairs. You can also install massive windows to allow natural light and air in. Large windows are prominent elements of the rustic design theme.

The Flexible Rustic Theme

Exploring Rustic And Modern Bedroom Design Themes

The rustic design theme allows flexibility, allowing you to fuse it with minimalist or modern industrial styles. How? You can start with the fundamental elements of each style. For a rustic-minimalist fusion, take note of your color choices. You can go for two or three earthy colors such as white, gray, and ash. The modern industrial theme is characterized by metals and bold shapes. You can combine these elements with wood and stones.

Order and Cohesion: The Modern Style Bedroom

Exploring Rustic And Modern Bedroom Design Themes

Some variations of the rustic design theme can be “too cluttered” to some people. The details of the shabby chic style, for an instance, may not work for people who prefer less visual elements. In contrast, the modern bedroom design is prominently minimalistic. “The essence of the modern interior design includes basic shapes, functional lines and curves, materials like metal chrome, and glass – and furnishings without decorative parts,” notes If you want to order and minimal design elements, the modern theme is for you.

The Design Style for Busy Professionals

Exploring Rustic And Modern Bedroom Design Themes

You may have noticed that modern interior design is popular among young and busy professionals. People who are always on the go prefer spaces they can easily maintain. With minimum décor and furniture, there’s no need for major house cleanings. This decorating style is also common among travelers or people who work mobile. With minimal items, moving from one residence to another is made easy.

Neutrals or Contrasting Bold Colors

Exploring Rustic And Modern Bedroom Design Themes

The modern design share similar characteristics with the minimalist theme. Both keep elements to a bare minimum, though the modern style can explore various shapes and textures. For your modern classic bedroom, use neutral colors to maintain balance. Shades of blue convey feelings of calm and relaxation. “Make a stylish statement with a neutral palette by adding an accent wall in a cool color such as a deep eggplant. This adds a focal point of color, breaking up the uniformity of the neutral palette,” advises paints manufacturer Behr. The modern industrial uses contrasting bold colors such as red and black. These hues are associated with energy and elegance.

Easy-to-acquire Design Elements

Exploring Rustic And Modern Bedroom Design Themes

Probably the most important advantage of using the modern design theme is the availability of design elements. Since this is the most popular theme, relevant décor and furniture pieces are abundant. However, remember to keep the elements to a minimum. Maintain order and tidiness by carefully choosing pieces that will have an impact to your room. Geometric-patterned lamps, a sleek duchess chair or an artwork can be the focal point of your bedroom design.

The rustic style and modern design have their own charms. One seemingly pays tribute to the old world while the other gives emphasis on the fast-paced modern lifestyle. You can choose either or combine both. Regardless of the theme you choose, make sure you have the essential bedroom accessories that will help you get quality sleep at night. For high-quality yet affordable bedroom essentials, check out bed stores. Bedroom redesign may be the key to your better zzz’s.

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