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How To Dress As A Wedding Guest

There can no doubt that weddings provide one of the greatest silent fashion contests, in that, while there’s no official jury, everybody will be judging! It is a one day event which will provide lots of rich memories that will be remembered and cherished forever. Therefore, you should be cautious about what to on such occasions in the coming year. While it may not be your own wedding, you will, without a shadow of a doubt, want to look as elegant as possible and show off your great sense of fashion to all of your peers.

When looking at what to wear to a wedding, you will need to be conversant with the current trends in the fashion industry, while not opting for something too over the top as to distract from the bride herself! Here are a few examples of some of the most stylish wedding guest dresses from leading designers that you can wear this year.

Little Mistress Mink Maxi Dress

This Mink Maxi Dress is an irresistible offer from Little Mistress that comes in a lovely mink hue. It is also laced at the top for a distinctive display and has a split down the left leg which gives you that bit of extra comfort as you walk, making well-calculated flashes with every step. You can accessorise this maxi dress with a matching clutch, sleek pair of metallic sandals and some golden bangles on the wrists.

Jessica Wright Red Lace Top Maxi Dress

You should also consider this Jessica Wright Maxi Dress which comes in a bold red hue and is accented with lace at the top. The dress is designed in a way that showcases your curves, which makes it an ideal wedding guest dress for curvy women. This is one of the dresses that will definitely announce your entrance with its vibrant nature that nobody would dare try to ignore. Simply put, it is a world-class design that brightens your looks. A pair of stiletto heels will perfectly unleash your charm offensive, causing every head in the room to turn in your favour.

Girls on Film Front Knot Midi Dress

This black Girls on Film Front Knot Midi Dress is another one with a design which will give you a killer look that everyone you meet will definitely appreciate, if not envy your sense of fashion. It comes in a lovely shiny black hue which perfectly fits every special occasion and gives you a classical appearance. You can accessorise it with a pair of metallic silver sandals and bright jewellery to give you a perfect natural glow that exudes confidence, leaving you comfortable and feeling like part of the crowd.

Nothing says how stylishly you live more than what your wear to a wedding. You should try out any of the aforementioned dresses at your next big occasion and see how well they work for you.

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