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Symbolism Of Gold And Why Gold Rings Are A Great Purchase

This article talks about the denotation of gold and the value it holds in our culture as well as our lives. It further elaborates upon how gold rings are actually a great purchase and what is the reason behind them being such an important part of most jewellery collections, especially in our country.

With the advent of wedding season, the purchase of gold becomes like a routine. Rings are a very important part of cultures in India. It has religious as well as cultural significance adhering to the metal. Right from mythological significance to its relation to wealth and prosperity, gold as a metal has been of utmost importance to Indians. Let us talk in detail about the significance and symbolism of this widely desired metal and how it is always a great investment to buy gold. Apart from this, let us look at how Gold Rings have gained so much prominence in our culture as well:

A symbol of Status and Wealth

Gold Rings are definitely a representation of wealth and one’s status. Gold in general signifies prosperity and in many cultures, the rings are exchanged to show where the bearer of the ring stands financially. Many of our historical and mythological stories have been connected to the usage of pots of gold as a reward. In today’s world, rings hold a very prominent place in terms of exchange of promises and as a symbol of commitment. Gold is often gifted in weddings as a sign of status and prosperity.

Making a connection to the Heart

Gold as a colour holds a lot of positive energy. Rings are even more special because when one is engaged, the person is expected to wear it in the fourth finger, also known as the ring finger. It is said that the ring finger has a vein which is directly connected to the heart, hence symbolizing the unison of two hearts. It also helps in channelizing the direct positive energy to the heart, thus helping one to feel prosperous and wealthy.

Spreading the Gold Energy

Gold is said to emit a lot of positive energy. It is a colour associated with the representation of Sun, emanating vibrancy and positive vibes. Sun is said to be the symbol of wealth, happiness, attainment, prosperity, success and even true friends. Gold is said to bring in joy and get rid of obstacles as well as hindrances. It is said to add the feeling of optimism and happiness to anything that seem to go melancholic.

Great Investment

Investing in gold is quite popular among Indian, especially the women crowd. Investing in Gold is worth it as it acts as hedge against inflation. It has been observed that the returns on Gold are in line with the inflation rate. So, they not only make for great gifts but also are an addition to your jewellery collection and to your material wealth. The prices of gold are always on a high and it is the only metal which has a value equivalent to money in our country.

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