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what to wear in winter

Trendy Clothes For A Night Out When It’s Freezing Outside

Dressing up in style in winter may seem easy and effortless — pick up a gorgeous overcoat and you’re ready to rock n’ roll. Problem is, everybody else is wearing topcoats, ponchos and trench coats, and everybody’s got a thick scarf hanging from their napes. So, how do you strike up a fashionable get up in winter to actually stand out?

We know at least 10 winter styling secrets that will turn heads for a second look of you. So keep reading to find out what to wear in winter:

1. A matching mini dress topped with a full trench coat. Forget those Burberry inspired prints or your nudes or black trench coat. What you want is a trench coat in a color not everybody else owns like emerald green, azure blue, sunny yellow or coral red. Stand out of the crowd by bringing a pop of color to your wardrobe. For your mini dress, it’s best to get one in the same shade but with abstract prints so you shouldn’t look too plain.

2. Skinny jeans, turtleneck knit blouse and a quilted jacket. Plain? Get a quilted jacket in a shiny silver, gold or bronze and pair it with a white inner blouse or another nude shade. Pull up your skinny denim jeans in washed or black. Put on those ankle boots and you can sashay on the streets with comfort but in seriously jazzed up style.

3. Ornate, full length brocade overcoat. Over styled pieces continue to dominate the runways and it continues this winter. Wear the trend because the elaborate designs are going to make you significantly standout effortlessly. These pieces are so versatile, you can pair it with a minidress or a full length dress, denims and what not. This piece can be understandably intimidating to wear so look up MiuMiu’s 2016/2017 Fall collection for inspiration.

4. Body fitting turtle neck blouse and nude leather pants. For an effortlessly chic and easy, unmade up winter look that’s perfect for a last minute meet up due a few blocks away, this ensemble is a great outfit to have. Keep your shades in nude colors with your leather pants in the color of your skin tone, and your top in a darker shade. Find a pair of ankle boots that are in the same color as your top and voila!

5. Plain, high collar black blouse, oversized knit sweater and black skinny jeans. Show your friends what to wear in winter that’s so easy but nobody’s probably tried. Get an oversized knit with a distinct print on it. Pair with a buckled belt and intricately designed or velvet loafers. Tuck a clutch under your arms and it’s time to party!

6. Patchwork poncho, flared tailored slacks and a soft, flowy top. The trick with this look is to get a matching or top and pants which can be in the same shade or almost in the same shade. You want to keep these two pieces plain because you want to get a multi-colored, patchwork poncho in toned down shades.

7. Cream military trench coat, laced long-sleeved blouse and cream military pants. The main details you want to look for in your trench coat and military pants are the huge, gold accent buttons. These two will look best if they were in the same shade. To break the monotony of the cream shades, you want an inner lace blouse that is intricately designed. Pair with cream boots or pumps and a gold clutch for that undeniably elegant impact. Don’t wear your coat, just hang it over your shoulders.

8. Cream, quilted fur coat. You can wear the ensemble on Item 7 above another way by simply trading your trench coat for a fur coat.

9. Polo shirt, knit vest, leather jacket and plain old skinnies. Layer! White polo shirt underneath — don’t tuck it in. Black, knit vest and black leather jacket on top. Hang an oversized scarf with marbled print in grey. Put on your pants and a pair of black, thigh length boots.

10. Matching long-sleeved knit blouse and pencil cut skirt. Feel like knocking out a softer, ladylike look? Put on a matching pair of knits. Use a pair of calf length lace up boots to go with it.

Don’t look like the same you every winter. The main trick is to choose a highlight, an accent to your otherwise, dull, “I’ve seen that look before” winter outfit.

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