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Spiritual Healing Aspect Of Water That Transformed Many Lives

There have always been two contradictory attitudes of people towards the powers of healing, energy fields, and the alternative curing process. Those who experience it tend to believe in it, whether they have faith in it or not. For centuries, this treatment was in practice in few parts of the world. With the increasing positive effects on people’s health and life, it has become popular over time. Thousands of people seek the healers for their treatment.

There have been few common ways of healing, with crystals, guided meditations, reiki, and others. Another method has been through the use of water. It is that one of the five elements of life having potential to heal the entire world’s illness. It might sound astonishing, although in schooldays this is a lesson of emphasis. Every students and every child learns it at some stage that drinking water is not simply for surviving, but also a medicine since it drains out all the toxins from the body. This was about physical cleansing, however water is much more vibrant and energetic source of power when associating it with spirituality.

Many religions and its ardent followers have the common belief in spiritual healing powers of water. Whether it be a plunge into the holy river Ganga to wash away all the sins or into the holy water for baptism and redemption and get rid of all the negativity. It thus cleanses not only the body, but also the soul and the mind. A prophet with great love for God and for humanity has been distributing anointing water amongst people proven to bear healing powers. He is none other than TB Joshua, the senior prophet, leader and founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nation.

Thousands of followers, attending this man’s weekend gatherings and healing sessions have witnessed a powerful transformation, especially those struggling from extreme health problems and disorders. Miracles happen here, in this house of God, by this disciple who claims to have been born to perform them and thus unite every individual by this simple belief. The anointed water prayed over by him, has saved innumerable people from then stricken Ebola virus, when it was send over to Sierra Leone. A politician from this respective region witnessed and thus approved of the miraculous and medicinal nature of this water.

There is no charge for buying the water, so that more people can use it. Its delivery in many countries is for physically disabled people who are unable to attend the church and healing sessions themselves. It is a blessing for many who carried it back home, and experienced its power when stayed protected from deadly situations and incidents. It was the vision of TB Joshua to distribute this prayed over water to all those who wish for divine healing. It is for all these powers, qualities and dedicated love for God that made him the favorite of millions of people. He is truly a blessing of the Almighty on people suffering from worldly evils and bodily disorders.

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